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  1. Agree 100%. Sometimes strategically delaying gratification can lead to greater happiness. Twins haven't taken this approach in the past, lets see how it works out.
  2. As of this morning, the Twins are 17 games behind an up-and-coming team, 6 games behind a well known rebuilding up-and-coming team, with 1/3 of the season left to go. I'm personally not downplaying it, just seeing the writing on the wall. I want to root for my favorite team as a legitimate contender, not a "so you're telling me there's a chance" team. The teams referenced developed a plan and are implementing it now, while being more successful than the Twins. IMO the Twins are in a perfect position to implement a plan that expedites the true contender status. I don't think anyone outside of a handful of Twins fans viewed the team as having any chance at truly competing next year with status quo. Surprise next year that opens a true sustainable window, with current assets that have been supplemented.
  3. I'm wait and see too. My silver lining is that the team is no longer acting like this is a high school sports squad that has no control over incoming talent and just hopes for the best (all it takes is to believe!). They're playing the "game" like other front offices have been doing.
  4. It's not about being "prospect lovers", it's about understanding how recently successful (WS winning) baseball teams are being constructed in today's world. In 2012 the Cubs, Astros, Twins were talked about in the same breath because they were the worst teams, 2 of those teams took a path that led them to WS champions, the other took a stubborn "we can compete every year approach regardless of reality" and here we are today; watching the Padres, White Sox reap the benefits of following an intelligent plan and the middle-of-rebuilding Tigers lead this team by 6 games 2/3 the way through the season.
  5. Today doesn't change the 100 win/loss threshold of this year. This team has never actually done a rebuild, it's been "we failed this year but think we can compete next year" regardless of reality, for far too long; while other teams commit to an actual plan and have had WS success in the mean time. The silver lining is that the team is establishing an identity FINALLY. They're in a great position to make this "rebuild" more like the Red Sox and less like the Mariners from a time frame perspective.
  6. I'm in the "I think they saw more value in trying to extend him, in the next few months, over the prospects offered" camp. He's been pretty great/valuable since they took a flyer on him, and seems like a late bloomer that will put up good/respectable #'s even as he ages. IMO he'd be a smart guy to extend with what the make-up of the team is currently looking to be next year. I concur with his mentorship value as others have already pointed out.
  7. No, but do they put themselves in position for a legitimate (key word) chance in the future, especially after a lost season. Much like the Cubs, Astros, Royals have done in recent memory, and like the Padres and White Sox are in the middle of doing.
  8. The Twins are tied for 2nd in MLB in HR's, the "Bomba Era" was 2 years ago, last full season, I'd like the focus to be on building a legit WS contender, not selling tickets for the sake of selling tickets, "if you win it, they will come (and make the P-dogs that much richer)"
  9. Not to split hairs here, but Buxton and Berrios were drafted in 2012, Rosario and Sano came up together with Rosario out homering Sano (at low A 21-20 IIRC) and Cave didn't come until 2018. This current FO rolled dice on the pasts' highly regarded prospects but that lead to a good not great team, I have a feeling they want to try things their way now, if it works, then plenty of young fans will get attached, if not, then it's no different than the past decade plus
  10. 100% agree. I cheered when Berrios was drafted, I knew who he was and wanted him, love the dude. But, this disaster season is quite the opportunity to shuffle assets/sunk costs into possible future success for the reason you stated. This team is in better position than the ones I mentioned due to young highly thought of players getting their feet wet, young-ish players who have shown talent in the past and are on team friendly deals, high quality/deep farm system that is now being supplemented, high draft pick (at least next year) and MOST importantly; no name prospects who are at least causing people to take notice (such as Winder), when was the last time the Twins had a prospect come out of nowhere (1 second baseman in the past 20 years?) the way a team like Tampa or even Cleveland seems to have done recently. I feel this was a perfect storm to establish an identity that could very well be a quick turn around (2023 "surprise" team)
  11. When was the last time the team made a trade like this? I'm thinking Santana. The Twins haven't had an identity in a very long time, they've been treading water like Seattle. In the mean time the Cubs and Astros committed to rebuilds and won WS, Padres committed and look to be a force, White Sox committed (even trading a pretty good pitcher to start) and look to be a force, Red Sox traded their best player and are making the play offs this year, and the Tigers who are in full rebuild, are currently 6 games ahead of a team who some fans thought could compete next year. I'm sick of treading water with hope. White Sox and Padres went through down times but I'm sure their fan base is pretty happy right now.
  12. He's a 20 year old at AA, that's pretty intriguing. I also really like martin. While I hope there are a couple rookie ball throw-ins, not a bad haul for a pitcher that is going to test the market after next season on a team that is 17 games out of 1st and a full 6 games under the in-full-rebuild mode Tigers.
  13. Isn't it reported that Duffy was had for a PTBNL, hasn't come back from injury yet. If Padres get Max and this is the only move the Dodgers make that's quite the gamble that Kershaw and Duffy come back with no issues. I don't think that's the Dodgers thinking, seems like a depth move. Not saying they pony up with another move but I don't think they view Duffy as the be-all-end-all answer. Doesn't fit their MO.
  14. Twins lose on opening day in the 9th to a really good team and it's complain, complain, complain, Twins win against same team in the SECOND game of a 162 season and it's; complain, compla..., I've loved this site since it's inception but I remember a few years back there was a "Rookies and Lurkers" thread where the 1st response mentioned the negativity of this site as a reason they probably won't visit often. I've come to that point; I appreciate all the actual BB reporting and talk but the number of negative micro-managing comments is wearing me thin. I don't have rainbow glasses and criticism is an important part of life, but seriously, it's baseball, this team is considered one of the top teams by people who aren't Twins fans, enjoy positive moments, and actually trust the "it's a long season" mantra.
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