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  1. The FO, managers, or the pitching coaches don’t have the luxury of pigeon holing a pitcher this quickly as a relief pitcher. The Twins have prospects only at this point, that haven’t pitched a full season. Would the Twins have given up on Berrios after his first 14 games when he was 3 wins & 4 loses, an era of 8.00, pitching approximately the same amount of innings as Ober and Jax. The FO has to feel good with what they saw last year from these two, knowing they did not pitch competitively in 2020. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them given chance to stay in the rotation most of this year (whenever it is).
  2. Nick, Thank you for keeping us posted on this matter.
  3. I find it hard to imagine the Twins winning 80-82 games this year with the present starting pitching staff of Berrios, Gibson, Odorizzi, Pineda, Perez, etc. The Twins need pitchers to pitch 210+ innings in 32-33 games to take the burden off the RP’s. Berrios, Gibson, & Odorizzi were healthy in 2018 and still didn’t get 200 innings in the books. Berrios & Gibson have a chance to pitch 200+ innings this year if they continue to improve. Asking any of the others to pitch those innings is a real stretch. Let’s hope the FO goes out and gets a #1 or a #2 SP so RP’s have a chance to not be abused by the All Star break.
  4. After seeing last fall’s playoffs, the Twins need a #1 & a #2 starting pitcher. Berrios has been our best pitcher, but he was a #3 or #4 on all those teams in last year’s playoffs. Cleveland is the frontrunner to win the Central again this year. This is how the Twins SP’s compared to Cleveland’s SP in inning/game in 2018. • Gibson averaged 6.13 innings/game vs Kluber average 6.61 innings/game • Berrios average 6 innings/game vs Clevenger average 6.25 innings/game & Bauer average 6.25 innings/game • Odorizzi average 5.13 innings/game vs Carrasco average 6 innings/game Cleveland had 3 pitchers with over 200 innings pitched and the Twins had 2 pitchers with over 190 innings pitched. We all know how Cleveland did in the 2018 playoffs and they realize how far out they are from championship action. The odds of the Twins relief pitchers failing are very high simply because they will be called on to often for too long. The Twins have a fundamentally sound core of players at the positions and in the batting order, but Twins have a good chance to be out of contention by the 2019 All-Star break. No matter who the relief pitchers are.
  5. I hope he get signed by the Cleveland Indians so the Twins have to face him. Good Luck Aaron, you were never given a real chance by this FO
  6. I am not interested in comparing Mauer to Sano. The Twins need to see Sano play 145+ games in a season, the 95 games per season he is averaging over 4 seasons should not be acceptable; get 450+ AB during the season, without giving up his AB’s when he falls behind in the count (he gave up more AB’s in one game than Mauer did in an entire career; striking out less than 25% of the time and draw 25%+ in walks; make the average plays in the field where ever he is at. I don’t care whether he is 280 or 300+ pounds, he needs to show the Twins he can play & produce
  7. With what the Twins have done this off season, new manager with no experience, new coaches, Mauer retiring, and a firing of a manager that was a HOF player that the owner endorsed, the present players on the roster have to be shaking their heads. Look at what this FO has done in their 2 years of control. Rule 5 drafts (in one the FO traded 1st pick for a pick taken later), Jaime Garcia trades, last year’s moves that were made in July & August, letting Randy Rosario, Nick Burdi, & JT Chargois go without being given a chance, trading team leader’s like Dozier & Escabar for prospects, firing a manager without having a replacement ready, and how some players/pitchers on the AAA rosters were not given a chance at the MLB level. How does the current roster or FA view these moves when the FO comes calling for interest in signing a contract? Will Berrios, Eddie Rosario, Sano, Buxton, Kepler, Rogers, Hilgenberger, Mays, etc want to sign contracts or contract extensions with the Twins? This Twins team has seen a lot the past 2 years and not much good by the current FO. The Twins FO is on the hook for this year to make something positive happen. The job interview time is over and ownership will start reviewing their hiring. That is how a business works.
  8. The infielders (Sano, Palanco, Gordon, Austin) have not played enough at the major league level to be considered anything more than being a “prospect with potential”. It is time for them to figure it out, mature, and put their big boy pants on. This is totally on the players, no more excuses. They need to play a season of 145+ games and get 400+ at bats to show what they can do. Then the FO can make appropriate moves to make the Twins better.
  9. Sano needs to show the Twins that he is capable of playing 145+ games this year at 3rd and not give up any of his at bats as he did last year. He needs to show the FO that he is mature enough to handle the position or any other spot on this team. The FO needs to see if he can handle the spot at the major league level and not at AA or AAA. This FO will find a suitable backup for 3rd base.
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