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The Twins Are Unwatchable Right Now


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Tom Froemming
The Minnesota Twins are unwatchable right now. They're well below .500 so far this month and each of their losses have been incredibly similar. Here's a rant on the current lack of enjoyment from watching this team and a few suggestions on what they may want to consider trying to further mix things up.

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I totally agree.  This team has been playing boring and listless baseball for over two years now.  There seems to be no leadership or fire on this team.  I still watch because I love the Twins.  I just don't like the "baseball" they are trying to sell us.  It's like watching reruns if Gilligan's Island over and over.

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16 minutes ago, Vanimal46 said:

We have to stop encouraging apathy towards the team just because a post or topic isn’t full of positivity. 

Why is that? Do any posts produce the apparently desired changes? Unless the desired change is to affect the mood of the reader. Apathy, or more correctly, active avoidance, may be the healthiest response.

’It hurts when I do this.’

’So, don’t do that.’

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