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  1. We are beating the teams we are suppose to be beating and playing competitive baseball against other "good" teams. That is all you can ask for, I can't remember the stat exactly or where I read it. But, Boston played below .500 ball last year against teams with a winning record or "good" teams.
  2. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/02/phillies-reportedly-agree-to-sign-bryce-harper.html Apparently for $330 million for 13 years. Unsure on all the details such as opt outs.
  3. Apparently the B\batters eye is going to be retractable. I saw that somewhere on Twitter when ballplayers were commenting on the stadium. Can't find the link currently though.
  4. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2800949-mlb-rumors-angels-giving-manager-candidates-2-hour-written-test I'd be intrigued to take it and see how I did, I'm sure I'm not alone. Thoughts?
  5. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/08/cubs-acquire-bobby-wilson-from-twins-for-chris-gimenez.html Who says there were no silver linings to the 2018 season!
  6. Unable to make it this year, but will make it next year if there is one again. Glad to know the cost and it is cheaper than expected. Hope I get the opportunity next year as I think this is a great idea/opportunity.
  7. Apparently, they tried to extend Escobar before they traded him. So, it wasn't from a lack of trying in that area.
  8. Zero, as they are all going over the Green Monster. Did I do that right? What did I win?
  9. To be fair, they tried to trade Dozier and all they got offered was Jose Deleon.... So, not sure they waited too long to pull the trigger. More, they didn't get what they thought was fair value.
  10. I follow on TD on Twitter and all of you on Twitter as well. Just haven't filled out the get to know me part yet.
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