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  1. My impression is that Falvine have taken everything under consideration and know exactly who is responsible for what.
  2. This is nowhere near as true for baseball as it is for other sports, especially basketball. There are a ton of very good baseball players who were not taken in the first round, which means every team had a chance to take them. Making good draft picks can lead to consistent success at the major league level without having to be near the top of the first round.
  3. Sounds exactly like Gophers hockey fans.
  4. The Red Sox are nothing more than the Yankees with beards.
  5. From what I understand this is a lie. I believe Halsey was a gin drinker.
  6. Most likely no one is betting so they increase the payoff to try to entice people to play.
  7. Betting odds are not the same thing as the odds of winning the World Series. Betting odds are based strictly on the consequences of the house having to pay off a winning ticket. Odds change more because of which bets have been placed and are expected to be placed than because of changes occurring with a team. If a particular casino knows a whole bunch of Minnesotans will be visiting during a certain week they might change the Twins to 50:1 for that week.
  8. A good GM will make nobody completely untouchable. Of course it depends on the offer.
  9. I do this dance where I jump around waving my two middle fingers in the air in the general direction of the Bronx. It's quite cathartic, really.
  10. Your point is well taken, just disagreed with. As I have said before, if I were a Houston fan I would have been totally on board with their trade for Verlander, and that trade may have been the difference between earning a World Championship and not doing so. As for the 2017 Twins, I think going into buy mode in July and August would have been a disservice to the franchise. When you are running a baseball team you have to know when to take your shot, and this was not the year to do that. IMHO, of course.
  11. I think your analysis model is a good one, but the analysis still needs to be performed correctly. Your choice to focus only on the team's performance in 2017 and to disregard the long-term health of the franchise makes your judgement about the logic behind the move (IMHO) illogical.
  12. Strongly disagree. Marginal improvements now can result in significant improvements later. Decreasing our chance of winning the 2017 World Series from 0.02% to 0.01% was worth even a small marginal improvement in the overall state of the franchise.
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