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  1. My impression is that Falvine have taken everything under consideration and know exactly who is responsible for what.
  2. From what I understand this is a lie. I believe Halsey was a gin drinker.
  3. A good GM will make nobody completely untouchable. Of course it depends on the offer.
  4. Your point is well taken, just disagreed with. As I have said before, if I were a Houston fan I would have been totally on board with their trade for Verlander, and that trade may have been the difference between earning a World Championship and not doing so. As for the 2017 Twins, I think going into buy mode in July and August would have been a disservice to the franchise. When you are running a baseball team you have to know when to take your shot, and this was not the year to do that. IMHO, of course.
  5. I think your analysis model is a good one, but the analysis still needs to be performed correctly. Your choice to focus only on the team's performance in 2017 and to disregard the long-term health of the franchise makes your judgement about the logic behind the move (IMHO) illogical.
  6. Strongly disagree. Marginal improvements now can result in significant improvements later. Decreasing our chance of winning the 2017 World Series from 0.02% to 0.01% was worth even a small marginal improvement in the overall state of the franchise.
  7. This is exactly it. Fielding a major league team that can contend for a World Championship every year should be the goal, and I think this is what Falvine are striving for. The key is building a minor league system that graduates several good major league players every year. It takes time, hard work, good hires, good drafting and a bit of luck.
  8. As you said, it's an imaginary scenario, because a veteran DH can make an out almost as easily as Buxton. You could just as well imagine Buxton lining a dinger to left.
  9. I agree with the wait and see perspective but I disagree with your assessment of why. This is not cosmetic. They are working on infrastructure.
  10. When there's a player worth signing. Don't spend money on a mediocre player just because money is available.
  11. Point well taken, but I think (and I would guess Falvine think) that Polanco is the second baseman of the future. Keep him if possible.
  12. I think the reason Sano had to go to RF is because the Twins had the misfortune of wanting to trade Plouffe when there was no market whatsoever for third basemen. Plouffe would have been a worse defensive RF than Sano and Sano would have been a worse defensive 3B than Plouffe. So they had to keep Plouffe and play him at 3B hoping that someone would trade a used fungo bat for him. Everyone knew it was short term but it was just one of those unfortunate things.
  13. Santana alone is not going to fetch much. He's got one year left on his contract and it's very likely his production is going to drop, possibly precipitously. A rebuilding team is not going to trade for him. A middling team is not going to trade for him. The type of team that will trade for him is a good contending team with weakness at the back of its rotation. Such a team is unlikely to give up an emerging young pitcher like the Twins need. The best option for the Twins would be to include him as a throw-in to boost their return in a trade involving other players.
  14. I am aware of the difference courtesy of Chitown, but I didn't want to use a term that other users may not be aware of. And I'll also say that I'm sure your ridicule parties are actually called training sessions or something like that and take place for the purpose of making moderator actions consistent. Officially, anyway.
  15. I totally concur, except when my incisive cutting-edge posts get deleted. ;-)
  16. Save the money. Use it to extend some of our core position players.
  17. I for one am not surprised. As I said before, the Gold Glove winds up going to undeserving recipients more often than any other award in the game.
  18. I'm sure Molitor was completely on board with this decision. That said, I think part of Falvey's authority is to set parameters for who the organization hires for important positions. I think that Molitor truly buys in to Falvey's philosophies.
  19. Don Mattingly won 9 GG's while Kent Hrbek was also active. While Mattingly was a good defensive 1B he was no Kent Hrbek. Well intentioned though it may be, GG is the most farcical of all annual awards.
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