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  1. If we sign someone else who do you think are the first to DFA?
  2. Are they thinking... Arreaz @ 3B Simmons @ SS Wong @ 2B JD @ DH Wong then can partner with Lewis for the long term! interesting to think about?
  3. I'd say stay inside org... Wade or Gordon if we don't really care if they bat left or right
  4. I would love if any new signings had World Series experience.... since that is where we need to be.
  5. Yes... or it may be fun to get a look at the kid we just got from Cleveland
  6. Can someone help me understand why we would want cash for all these guys we have traded vs even a low A player? Besides the obvious that we all love cash!
  7. I think we need two arms for the pen ... I hope they go get the best two arms they can that will help beyond this year... SKOL TWINS
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