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  1. I’m pretty excited for a few of these less ballyhooed prospects like Chalmers, lawyerson, winder et al. Their start is pretty similar to guys like balazovic, Ober, graterol and others in that they will be future TD household names. I’m looking forward to their write ups and progress next year!
  2. I’ve been pretty disappointed in Enlow. I thought he’d be quite a bit better considering his draft position and everything. I know he’s young for the league, but are there peripherals that would suggest good stuff for him? The k rate does not impress me and I wonder if he’s Kohl Stewart 2.0. Convince me otherwise.
  3. Well, regarding Acuna et al, I have to believe they are/were much more elite prospects. I think that Lewis would be completely overwhelmed by major league pitching. What would be the point in having 19 or 20 year old Lewis up here? To flail at advanced pitching and put up lines like Wander Javier? Some dudes are super special, like acuna. Lewis just isn’t on that level and they’ve been decently aggressive with him imo. I do think they could bring up younger pitching faster though.
  4. I like your suggestions, and they are probably what I would do. Leaning on the young guys is a good move and they have lots of bullets left. I don’t know what role Perez has on this team!? It sure isn’t starter anymore.
  5. Agreed, the pen would be useful for him, especially with how mlb is de emphasizing starters.
  6. Nice to see Gordon feasting on the juiced ball this year. Maybe he’s regaining some of that prospect luster. As for Graterol, I’ll believe it when I see it. Health is a skill just as important as sliders, power, speed, etc. I like him, but I’m skeptical. Anyone else like to see him as a centerpiece in a deal?
  7. Free Royce Lewis! Anyway, it’s really nice to see him heat up after a tough half+ of the season. That really would be fun to see that AA team, and thanks for the reminder about that Polanco, Sano, Kepler, Buxton team. It’s pretty cool to see so many high level guys one team. Anyone else have reservations about Graterol as a prospect? He scares me and I’d deal him if his value is high.
  8. Could it be? Is it possible that Wander Javier is showing signs of life late in the season?? It seems like he’s had several multi hit games in the last couple weeks. I hope he doesn’t turn back into a pumpkin.
  9. I can’t quote on mobile, but Tom, thanks for the post. Graterol’s swinging strike rate does hold up against those other elite prospects and makes me more optimistic.
  10. For Graterol, I don’t really care that he’s younger than the competition re strikeouts. I care about results for that. He’s got 100 mph heat and he can’t get A+ and AA hitters to whiff? That concerns me especially with the shadow of kohl stewert looming large.
  11. I’ve wondered the last year or so where the strikeouts are for graterol. I’ve had an eye on him since before he became a household name because of his tantalizing velocity, but how is he not even at 9 K/9??
  12. Does arraez just continue to hit or what? He seems like he got energized by his taste of the big leagues and is just hammering these poor AAA pitchers. It’s nice to see Rooker with a one K day! How often can you say that? This was a pretty positive day in the minors!
  13. Wander Javier didn’t seem to need the last two years. It looks like he just hits and hits. I hope he stays on the field. After his multi hit game yesterday, it’s probably time to promote him (kidding).
  14. What a disaster of a minor league season so far. Injury after injury and abysmal performance from our top guys?? What is happening this season?
  15. My ideas for the article name: The Box Score, Weekly Wrap, The Daily Update, and Twins Weekly. That's all I've got off the top of my head, thanks.
  16. For me, totally unexpected, and possibly undeserving. I mean we’re all going to say “but what about Gonsalves?” and I will echo that sentiment. This should be interesting and it could be soooper positive if we got something out of that draft pick.
  17. That’s encouraging, thanks for the post. I know a lot of posters were less than thrilled with the return, but considering the quality of guys going out, they did all right.
  18. Man alive! Have Badoo and Rooker just figured this whole baseball thing out or what?! They are so hot right now. Super encouraging start for Thorpe too. Add me to the list who is curious about Ober. Overall, very solid day in the minors.
  19. Do you suppose Grz will eventually get prospect love, or be the type to just slowly work his way up without much fanfare? I know it’s a lot to ask for an I drafted guy, but it would be cool for him to succeed. Also, Badoo seems to be on a second half tear! Anyone want to research a “he’s been hitting ___ since x date”?
  20. I’m always confused when established MLB players go on rehab and don’t destroy minor leaguers. Sano hit like 250 and 30ish homers last year but can’t figure out A ball? He probably hit 300+ there when he was younger. Mauer can hit like 300 I’m the big leagues but when he was on rehab he didn’t mash minor leaguers either. Same with Santana. Same with so many major leaguers. Can anyone tell me why they don’t always go like 3-4 with a double and a home run evry night in the minors? Shouldn’t MLB pitchers eat minor leaguers alive? What’s up?
  21. I liked this portion of the list. This was a good group with very solid potential. I am concerned with Enlow’s k rate. It’s very Kohl Stewart-esque. What were those eye-popping numbers from last year? I hope he breaks through!
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