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  1. I was there. Game 7. 1987. Didn't know I was going till the day of. My buddy and I were given tickets. It was like the rapture after they won. Thought the Metrodome sign was gonna get trashed. 70 yr olds high fiving in the streets with 1000s of others. The thing I remembered most about that team was the grit. Hrbeck-like attitude. Along with guys wanting the ball on the hill. Guts enough to throw backwards in the count. Oh, and the studs, who were paid to be studs...showed up nightly!
  2. We are feckless against superior teams like this. It's like we get "mesmerized" by the pinstripes. Why is our 100 million dollar man not in cf? Our league leading hitter not playing? Our 35 million dollar ss barely loops a hit into rf. Ryan pitching down the middle. Waits till 2nd at bat against dodger players to mix in breaking/off speed? Come backer to him and he goes to first instead of 3b runner going home?? Is this game a future playoff snip-it?
  3. So, we bench baseball's best hitter for a guy batting a buck ninety three tonight?
  4. Trade for T. Rogers. You know, the San Diego boy that came out of nowhere...straight up. Maybe throw in Paddack.
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