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  1. Fulmer is a nice bullpen addition.
  2. Soto isn’t a free agent for 3 more years. Whether you extend him or not, 3 years of Soto in his prime, if you believe he is the best player in the game, might be worth that.
  3. I think, at least as I type this today, there is a very good chance Correa doesn’t opt out. While he’s having a good year, I don’t know that I see a team out there right now who would pay him $35M/year the next two years.
  4. Trading Correa shouldn’t even be a consideration.
  5. They should place Buxton on the DL today. He should be told he isn’t going to the ASG and he needs to be off until 7/23. PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION.
  6. That was a hell of a job by Winder to get out of that mess with just one run.
  7. I’ve watched a ton of baseball games this year and I’ve seen more pitch com issues this week than all season combined.
  8. Miranda really shows some promise and he can play first or third. What are they gonna do when Sano is eligible to come the IL???
  9. Unfortunately, that only seems to be the case when we GET the walks, not when we GIVE them.
  10. More exciting that it needed to be in the 10th but it is still a win. Nice start to the series!!
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