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  1. I do not know how much Retvordt will help. We already have two young catchers who show great talent. Gordon and Celestino are both great young players and i have high hopes for them!!
  2. If he produces we have One of the best CF in baseball if he doesn't we can trade him for pitching.
  3. What about Carlos Rodon? Sure he gets injured a lot but he is also the kind of guy you could sign for a year and he would put up an under 3 ERA. Also Bundy was a great pick up and he could really help us out. I think a trade for Sean Manea could do Wonders as well. If we traded Arraez and Rooker to the A's for Manea and a little cash we could come out on Top he is another guy who we could get for a good price and could produce. He has a Career Era. under 4 and a Career WHIP of 1.20 which is outstanding for a pitcher like him and he is only 29 so we could get at least 3 good years out of him.
  4. In this Lineup, Jose iglesias would be a great Shortstop. He is such a great fielder along with his bat, posting a career 277. Batting average. The one draw back is no power, but that is why we have Sano and Larnach and even polanco and Buxton. He would be a great option for just a year or two he doesn't have a lot of sutors so he could be a pretty easy pick up. We do not need a big pickup at short such as Story or Correa. We have two very highly rated shortstops that are within a couple years of coming up so iglesias would be a great option for now.
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