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  1. The Other Guys on the Team:

    I am seriously getting irked and bored with the inflated views that Byron Buxton is the All Universe Player that will propel the Twins up. Oh, let's not forget his batting average is in free fall and though it will absolutely rise, he is not the news or star of the Twins.

    We field a team of seemingly invisible players. Polanco, Urshela, Arraez, Garlick, Gordon, Ryan etc., etc., etc.

    These are the guys that are winning the games for the Twins. These are the guys that make paltry salaries compared to our AUP. These are the guys that grind it out almost daily, until Professor Baldelli decides to make his frequent moves. 

    So this is my small little tribute to the real stars of the Twins 2022. The guys that really make this team special. GO TWINS!

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