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  1. I respectfully disagree. HIs pedigree alone is worth a minor league contract. Couple of years of arm rest doesn't hurt. No problem taking a flier here.
  2. Interesting take, considering I have written extensively about how I enjoy the ride more than the results. I can't speak to how other mid-level teams and down handle their finances, I do not follow them. I don't believe I have said that the Twins fans have it worse than every one else. I am saying there is room to grow and it is fair to be disappointed that path is not taken.
  3. Look, I believe that the Twins organization wants to win. I believe the FO tries to sign players, I believe the coaching staff wants to see players improve, I believe the players want to win. I do not believe the Pohlads give 2 cents about the product on the field. If they did, they would worry less about their profit margin. I am not saying they need to have a $300m payroll. What I am saying is that they could spend more and still make money. The FO has said publicly in the past that the Pohlads are willing to go "over budget" if the FO felt the move would push the team over. That is a double edged sword, because if it fails, they will probably not be given that leeway in the future. The FO office knows this. If it works, then the Pohlads make more money The Twins work within a budget, a relatively low budget. Any move they make, has drastic effects on other moves. The FO knows that. We know that. The longer this offseason goes that the Twins do not sign a needle-mover-type player, the more likely it is they will not put any demonstrable money into the FA market and let the chips fall where thy may for 2023.
  4. Right... Pitching staff. Other than SS, are you ready to run with Gordon in LF, Miranda at 3B, Kepler in RF, and the youth movement backing them up?
  5. I think the higher payrolls is relative to market inflation. I agree they have been active. Every year they sign reclamation projects or fliers. Players they have picked up were judicious trades or signings that fell in their lap. Correa (who fell in their lap) could very well be an outlier, time will tell. I think the team tries to win, I think the FO down all try to win. I think the Pohlads give them dollar frame to work out of. Period. I do not think they care if the Twins win or lose, because they will make money either way.
  6. So you think we are set in the field and do not need to attempt to upgrade anywhere? Last-year's below average offense is now currently worse after losing Urshela and Sanchez... Sounds like you are a firm believer that we just need to let our young guys play... I would put that in the retooling category.
  7. The discussion is centered around the belief that that the Pohlad's can't afford to alienate the fans and have to field a successful team to keep the fans happy. My response is that they have shown time and time again that fielding a winning team is not at the top of their priority list. Making money comes first, regardless of how the fans feel. The Pohlad approach has not really changed over the decades. The Twins have been somewhat successful in spite of them (IMO). I can easily see them doing virtually nothing this offseason and running with what they currently have. The sell to us fans would be " We need to let what we have play out!"
  8. In your opinion, which roster spots are open? 1) Catcher #2 2) ? 3) ? 4) ?
  9. Actually, from Pohlad's point of view, winning does not matter, fans do not matter. They will just slash payroll. They will make money even if the Twins draw 7000 people per home game. Money is in revenue sharing and tv contracts. They have shown they truly don't care in previous years (contraction anyone?).
  10. I suppose Jose Abreu and Andrew Heaney weren't on their radar? How about the new Red Sox pitcher Kenley Jensen? You may not agree with my examples, but every needle-mover that signs elsewhere is another step towards this team retooling.
  11. Twins are going to add two catchers to the 40 man at some point this winter. One will be straight up org filler, the other will be Jeffer's backup/platoon. Everybody you listed will cost more in prospects than the Twins are willing to give up. Do not look for any major moves here either.
  12. Watching some of the potential targets for the Twins getting signed by other teams (Haniger, Walker, Taillon, Bellinger) at what point should the Twins look at running with what they have and focus on retooling? I say retooling because I believe they have too much talent on the roster for a complete rebuild. Here are the big linchpins in my opinion: 1) Correa signing elsewhere 2) No FA SP sign here (Walker is already gone) If these two things happen, I do not think the Twins will be making any major moves and will be sitting tight to push the youth movement. In this scenario, I could also see them moving Gray and Kepler and planning for a 75 win season. What are your thoughts on this?
  13. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/12/rangers-nearing-deal-with-andrew-heaney.html View full rumor
  14. Per the Athletic via ESPN, San Diego offered Trea Turner a contract larger than the $341m Lindor got from the Mets. Turner turned it down to stay closer to family in Philly. If this is accurate, this Twins ability to sign Correa may be a lot lower than most of us think...
  15. Multiple major league ready prospects? Lopez cost 4 guys no higher than A ball Fulmer cost a AA pitcher with a 7+ ERA Mahle cost two A ball players and Spencer Steer I think we have different opinions on major league ready prospects. edit: Not to misquote you... close to major league ready prospects.
  16. Not to change the subject too much, but an interesting name you also see near the top of these lists is Joey Gallo. Would like to see what kind of improvement he sees this year. He could be a potential flier candidate...
  17. I have seen various articles and numbers putting him near the top. I don't want to argue 2nd vs 3rd, what exact number of hits were lost (my quotes were from one of the articles not listed below). Here are some of the articles with that data, you will see Kepler pop up a lot near the top. https://www.si.com/mlb/2022/11/21/banning-infield-shifts-impact https://www.pitcherlist.com/no-more-shifts-could-mean-a-lot-more-hits/ https://theathletic.com/2771363/2021/08/26/nothing-unlucky-about-it-six-years-into-his-twins-career-why-are-max-keplers-batting-averages-so-low/ (paywall) A little more help from closer to home: https://www.twinkietown.com/2022/3/9/22967255/mlb-baseball-mn-twins-the-shift-is-going-away-which-twin-stands-to-gain-the-most-max-kepler-lockout https://zonecoverage.com/2022/mn-twins-news/how-will-the-shift-ban-impact-the-twins/
  18. Looking at the Twins landscape right now, what should the Twins pay to land Vasquez? You are talking a 3-4 year contract for a 32 year old catcher. He would probably play 80-90 games/year for us. There is a market for him. Personally I would go 2/$20m with a 3rd year team option for $12m at the most.
  19. I have discussed this ad nauseum in other articles, but, to review: 1) He is 2nd in MLB in hits lost to the shift over the last few years, a 50 point swing in his BA. Data shows he has a strong chance to see an offensive resurgence now that the shift rules have changed. 2) His contract is not outrageous. Maybe a small overpay. 3) Outside of Nimmo, there are no "guaranteed" improvements over Kepler in the current FA market. Each come with issues. 4) Kepler is a known quantity to the Twins. That is a huge factor. (If you question that, look at how the Twins are treating Correa vs. the other FA shortstops). The Twins have arguably bigger issues to deal with. I would prioritize LF over RF right now. Find an offensive threat there. But I would not argue if a true upgrade fell in their lap and the Twins replaced him. (FWIW, if I am Max Kepler, I am going to the Twins and asking to play as much CF as possible this Spring. Positional flexibility will go a long ways towards his next contract. Playing a strong CF could also keep him in MN as their 3rd/4th OF)
  20. May be semantics here, but that is not setting a deadline, that is moving forward. If they could sign Bogaerts today (for right contract), and Correa is still undecided, they would sign Bogaerts. Nothing to do with a deadline. Boras takes the approach that the market is irrelevant. He knows what he wants his players to get and he usually gets it somewhere. Very rarely do things not work out for him. If it is Correa or nothing, the Twins may have already tipped their hand. But they will not go back to Boras and say "too late"
  21. I KNOW!!!! Then if you add Judge to that for only $40m/yr, and Rodon for $25m/yr, the Twins would have a chance to compete in the Central!!!!!!!!! [Apologies for the sarcasm, I couldn't help myself]
  22. If I were to write a response, this would be what I would say word-for word (except for the catcher part).
  23. The problem with ultimatums is that you are attempting to close the door. In what world would the Twins close the door on Correa? You close the door by signing another big 4 shortstop. I find it extremely hard to believe that if the Twins sign a stopgap to a 1 year contract and Correa comes back a week later saying he wants to sign with the Twins, the Twins would say no. Signing Correa is not going to stop them from going after other players. They could sign Rodon and still have Correa if he wanted to come here. The market just needs to play out. Don't handicap yourself by making threats you won't back up.
  24. If anybody has read any of the other Rule 5 articles over the last few days, let me attempt to summarize a response that the title of this article is asking: No.
  25. I think the premise here is a little misguided. It's not necessarily about HOW much they spend, but WHO they spend it on. Buxton's contract is very team friendly for what he brings to the table. He will gat paid more by producing more. To plug a dollar amount on the team salary and think that means they are going to win is wishful thinking. There is a correlation between higher salaries and wins, but salary alone does not make MN a premium destination. This is why there is a true internal push to resign Correa. His name alone will help in recruiting talent here, regardless of the dollars.
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