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  1. If you had been paying attention, you’d know the answer is the Twins bullpen
  2. Umm, Sir, we like our pitchers to be hurt or suspended to the start the season so we can make "essentially a trade" mid year
  3. He essentially had no training camp. They said they were planning on bringing him along slowly while they still had expanded rosters
  4. This entire argument is predicated on the randomness lasting less than 60 games. Last years World Series winner runs counter to that argument
  5. The best team in baseball last year was 27-33 after 60 games.... I like the experiment
  6. I heard somewhere that there will be only one video broadcast of the game, but that each team will have their own announcers. The away announcers will broadcast from a studio, and the actual video will be required to be impartial to the two teams.
  7. Agree, I took it as it was happening in realtime, so I would guess shortly after they took over. Given that the Twins had a number of people that were around for so long, it is not impossible for it to have been someone that has been around for an extended period of time.
  8. I thought this was a great read, and everyone should take a look. This was particularly interesting to me as a Twins fan: "Hunter: We had a situation, LaTroy and I in our organization — no names. But we had a situation where players were getting called the n-word or being told, “Turn your kind of music down.” Different things like that. And now we’re in that front office. We said, “Hey, do something about it.” And we went to (chief baseball officer) Derek Falvey right away. Bam! Derek Falvey did something about it. That’s what we need. Derek Falvey got the information, didn’t cover it up. He got (this guy) out of there because we can’t do that. It’s time for change. That’s why I have so much respect for Derek Falvey, for listening to LaTroy and I, listening to some of the players on the team, that voiced their opinion about what this guy was saying to them, their problem, their complaint. That’s what it’s going to take." The team seems operating in a very positive way between stories like this, and their response to the lost baseball season. It is good to see, and hopefully is going a long way to ending the view of it being "the country club" and the Pohlad pocket protectors. As for the article itself. It is both enlightening and difficult to read. I suggest everyone take a look. I think of how I have viewed Torii over the years (great, fun, annoying, loud) and want to look internally to how I react to him vs others that may have a similar personality.
  9. Now hearing via the athletic that the deal is held up over medical concerns on Graterol. Will be interesting to see what happens next
  10. I would love to know the Twins ERA in innings after they score a run. It has to be astronomical
  11. I'm asking because I do not follow arb hearings that closely... Are the arbitration numbers accurately evaluating defensive metrics all that well these days? I know for relief pitchers, it is still skewed to the closer, as saves have a large impact on value. Not sure if the process has kept up with the change in today's games? With that said, Buxton's offensive metrics have certainly improved
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