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  • Destination: The Show. Episode 5

    Jeremy Nygaard

    Draft tandem JD Cameron and Jeremy Nygaard team up for a new podcast to discuss prospects on their way to the Big Leagues. In this episode, we cover recent promotions, do a rapid-fire round up on 2023 draftees and answer listener questions.

    Image courtesy of Thiéres Rabelo

    Twins Video

    3:20 Pete Crow-Armstrong Promoted

    • 4:28 Scouting Report
    • 7:21 2023 Stats
    • 10:45 PCA Next Year?
    • 12:52 Usage in 2023 
    • 14:07 Why an Excellent Prospect?

    19:15 Rapid Fire Round-Up

    • 20:27 Twins Draftees
    • 28:25 Cubs Draftees
    • 37:18 Brewers Draftees

    47:00 Listener Questions

    • 47:35 Walker Jenkins, Brandon Winokur, Luke Keaschall
    • 54:42 Connor Prielipp


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      Good content. Loved the conversation.

      David Festa has looked tremendous in various starts. His stuff seems top shelf, although he still looks like he is working on command and control as well as endurance. Festa also looks like he needs to eat a few pizzas. Does he have a 29 inch waist? Where do you see Festa in the realm of pitching prospects? What is his timeline?

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      You have me tuning into these now.  They are very good and just the kind of content I am looking for though I know I am a niche fan. 

      I am not a huge Cubs fan and while I live in Wisconsin and follow the Brewers I am not a true Brewers fan but more of a peripheral fan.  So while I like prospect talk those sections don't interest me quite as much though I might come around on that in time.  This is a long way of saying I like that you mark out the time spent on the various sections so that if I want to skip something I can.

      Really enjoyed the guest you had in Episode 4 and I just like hearing opinions on prospects in general both good and bad,  Loved the update on Prielipp and have to say I agree.  

      I think you guys are onto something pretty cool so I hope you keep it up or find enough support to keep it up. I appreciate the content.

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