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    Spring Training Audio Diary: Twins Lose, Varland's Velocity, & Southpaw Relief

    John Bonnes

    FORT MYERS - The Twins fell 7-5 to the Braves on the road, but we got some insights into what manager Rocco Baldelli is thinking about his bullpen and leadoff spot. 

    Image courtesy of © Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

    Twins Video

    Today's exclusive Caretaker-only audio content include John Bonnes and Nick Nelson discussing

    • Louie Varland's rough outing, but why he was encouraged and the feedback that Baldelli gave him afterwards
    • An update on Caleb Thielbar, who we haven't seen in a spring training game
    • Baldelli's thoughts on Jovani Moran's possible bullpen roles, and what he's looking at for the last four spots in the Twins' bullpen.
    • Baldelli dunking on Nick but still revealing some of his thoughts on who could fill the Twins leadoff role.
    • The problems the Twins had with the pitch clock in the game, and an update on whether it'll be used in the WBC.

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    Really curious if you know if other teams are experiencing the same thing as the Twins as far as starting pitchers throwing harder earlier this spring training. I have heard you talk about several Twins starters throwing harder earlier, but would appreciate context if you have it if other teams are experiencing the same or if this is somewhat unique to the Twins.

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