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Parker Hageman at the 100mph Fastball Challenge


Brock Beauchamp

Can Parker Hageman hit a 100mph fastball and can Dan Anderson catch a 100mph fastball? Courtesy of the Killebrew 100 MPH Fastball Challenge, they both have the opportunity to try.


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At one point in my early 40's I worked my way up to the top speed of a machine that supposedly threw 92mph. With a light bat, I could hit a line drive about half the time, missing clean the other half. Weird yellow balls with dimples. Next time I tried was a several years later. 80mph was a blur, but I didn't work my way up. Couldn't get around on it because It came out of the hole at random times, often drifting all over the place outside the zone. Crappy machine. Not worth the money.

I cannot imagine what it must be like to try hitting an 87mph slider or a 92mph cutter. Can you imagine how hard it was to hit a Maddox heater, when he could bend it a foot in either direction with pinpoint control, and no way to read it?

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