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Walker Jenkins Breakdown


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Aram Leighton
Twins first round pick Walker Jenkins dominated in his pro debut, looking like a potential five tool star. Here's why he's a top 10 prospect in baseball.

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2 hours ago, Nine of twelve said:

Calm down. It's way too early.

To be fair, MLB has him at #16 and Jim Bowden has him at #12. This isn't crazier than any other prospect ranking hype video. Nice that national outlets are giving our guys some love (fangraphs has Lee at 10). I've never heard of this site, but still fun to see our guys get love.

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I was hesitant on the Jenkins pick because he didn't get the love the other four guys got leading up to the draft.  So in my mind he comes better than advertised in his SSS.  I can't say I am ready to jump to super star status just yet, but love to see people outside the org this excited about him.  For me I need to see a full season before I can get as giddy\gushy as these guys are.  

They get to see a lot of players though so for them to be this high on Jenkins definitely means something IMO. However. I am a Minnesotan and need a bit more time to make sure he can live up to the hype before being a true believer.

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