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Should the Twins Extend Sonny Gray? What Would it Look Like?


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Nash Walker
Sonny Gray has been one of the best starters in baseball this season, pairing his razor sharp command with a dazzling array of off-speed weapons. What would an extension look like for Gray and the Twins? Let's take a look.

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I think you are incredibly close on the numbers. Using the Eovaldi contract from the 22/23 offseason as a comp, Gray will have a shockingly similar 3 year run, but will be a year older and will be coming off a better season into FA. 

I would normally say he is likely in line for something like 3/60, but with the derth of FA SP talent this upcoming offseason, his price likely bets bid up to 3/70ish with a vesting option.

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Your logic is spot on for the probable market. After having watched him here in Cincinnati and now with the Twins the past couple years, I see a fragile guy that has fortunately experienced great health to date this year. He’s going to be 34. He loves to compete but has also stated this year “might be it”.

I don’t like his health upside but I do respect that he’s going to probably battle for 25 starts per year on any roster.

My offer is more $ for a shorter stint. If the Pro grind is getting to him, maybe a sweeter pot for a shorter term may be attractive to him? I think it’s the Team’s best move. Less risk.

2 years - year one is for $24M & year 2 is a player option at $26M. Good numbers for him. If he really wants to walk (retire) after ‘24, he can. The $24M is guaranteed & 50% of year 2 is guaranteed (security) if he gets hurt & can’t throw in ‘25. If he retires the Twins give him a $5M parting gift.

I like Ober - Ryan - Lopez - Maeda (his $) - Paddack…….these guys with possibilities from the Farm seem to make sense. Spend some pitching $$ on the Pen - at least “a guy”.

Please stay away fro Mahle!!!

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Gray has been fantastic for the Twins. I'm more interested in the Twins looking first for a trade for a controlled starter. If a team like Seattle likes one of our guys enough to give up one of their young starters, this works. Gray should get what you suggest, but the Twins should just stick with the QO.

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