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  1. THIS. I'm new here as well. There are some great people here. There are also some very serious minded folk who see zero room for humor and have little patience with those of us not metric savvy. I like TD and I hope it thrives, but I find myself spending as much or more time at Twinkie Town.
  2. You roll the dice, you take your chance... Getting anything for DanSan is a win, imo. Next up, Tonkin.
  3. Same as Wilson Ramos and AJ Pierzinsky and Tim Laudner and George Mitterwald. It's cold here, let the flames begin!
  4. Joe. 2 on, no outs. Strike one looking. strike two looking. Slaps weakly to second. Argghh! IT BURNS!!!!!!!! Make it stop!!!!
  5. What Link said. Once Buxton calms down and realizes he belongs in The Show, I think he's the prototype leadoff Henderson/Wills style hitter, base stealer, and general disruptor.
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