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  1. Great signing from a marketing perspective for Team Twins: If, as so many have mentioned, this is the same joke told over and over and over again they can play "You can call me Al" when he comes into games If he slays it on the hill maybe the Twins channel their inner Grandpa Veeck with "An Evening with Ted" promotion
  2. Kiriloff is an everyday Major Leaguer in 2021 so...IMHO Lewis is the top prospect with Larnach clipping at his heals
  3. Would you call it a Happless addition? (apologies to anyone who already punned this)
  4. Joe Musgrove to the Padres...who else https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/01/padres-to-acquire-joe-musgrove.html Feel free to rant, rave, bemoan, lament all that is lost as a Twins fan over the lack of action from the front office I prefer to wallow in the COVID-induced coma that has me believing @BauerOutage is moments away from becoming a Twin!
  5. Twins equivalent something like: Balazovic - Patino Jeffers - Mejia Enlow - Wilcox Canterino - No young catcher so pay the pitching price In this guys opinion, that'd be an overpay, unfortunately, SD just set the market for SP trades pretty high
  6. Hernandez at the right price is the only one of these two worth pursuing The Twins just let go of the most comparable player to Profar I can think of...Eddie Rosario Rosario is far more accomplished than Profar (at a higher price tag) but if you want to watch the occasional fabulous play in the field followed by a months worth of WTH moments coupled with more head-scratching baserunning maneuvers than you've ever seen from Rosie by all means sign Profar
  7. I'll make this an ode to Chief post: Wichita is the birthplace of White Castle fast-food chains...leading me to suggest The Wichita Sliders for two obvious reasons (as anyone who's ever made a midnight run to White Castle, followed by a 4:00am run of a different sort) A.A. Hyde discovered Mentholatum in 1894 in the current The Spice Merchant & Company building in Wichita... The Wichita Vapors (also foreshadowing the level of the current team...now) Other local Semi-Pro/Pro teams...Wichita Force (Champions Indoor Football League as if you didn't know already) and Wichita Thunder (Hockey - ECHL, an AA level professional league)...lead me to the obvious Wichita Lightning or Stealing the Wichita State Shockers monicker but instead will offer up The Wichita Energizers (as in AA) "I don't care Wichita as long as its a ta" - didn't want to bury the lead
  8. Thanks for clearing things up for me...alll this time I was under the impression that Falvine was a combination of Derek Falvey and Thad Levine who knew that is was Derek Falvey and Zach Lavine
  9. Longer odd's Question: Me picking a random game from 1957 to link and you being at the game or Twins starting pitcher going 8 7 6 5+ innings or Any Twin hitter slapping a pitch to the non-shifted side of the infield or Twins winning a playoff game (too soon?)
  10. This seems to be exactly what you're looking for
  11. Thanks for the nerd-cred...I think
  12. Snow is flying...wind is blowing and all the leaves from North Dakota are settling in Minnesota for the winter What better time than to update the Twins BluePrint Tool for 2021 I've averaged the 3 MLBTR Arbitration Projections for each player and will add the Free Agent Projections when they become available Make a Copy of the whole sheet if you like or just Duplicate the Tab that says Duplicate this Sheet and make your changes for everyone to see Enter a name (Lastname, First) for each position on the roster sheet and it will fill in known contract info for the player Want to see what the payroll would be with Lindor as a Twin...put his name in at SS and watch the payroll soar Don't like the numbers feel free to use the Tool and enter your own salaries (be sure to enter the full amount 10000000 as opposed to 10M) I Created an End of Year Roster as a reference to what the 2020 final roster came to and a Bauer or Bust sample that works through the next 3 seasons...more on that in my next post
  13. Here's a quickly updated rostering sheet you can play around with Add a name to the bottom of any position column and it adds to 40 count Put anything (drop. trade, denounce, exorcise, x) in the column right of a name to remove them from the count Twins Roster Sheet Minor league teams are not current
  14. That poor attempt from the catcher ought to cement Jeffers starting on Tuesday
  15. I don't mean to be negative here...but looking forward to a couple PB's tonight
  16. 1) Jeffers is the starting catcher come Game 1 or Garv Sauce has some pictures on someone 2) Baldelli following David Ross and benched JD for not running out a pop-up One of those two is in jest
  17. Did he pull a "Plevinger" and get caught at Maynards last night?
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