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  1. And if you're really serious at beating the cold, swing at the first pitch in the Caribbean Winter Leagues!
  2. I feel for you for your impending loss. I wore my "Santana/Nathan 2004" long sleeve from the Batgirl site until long after the neck hung down to my chest.
  3. My daughter - two of my three daughters - has a Yankees fan boyfriend who is very gently giving me business via text. I wrote that I always keep my expectations low because I have lived through many seasons. It's true, and it helps, but then I started to think: Yankees fans don't necessarily have to understand this phenomenon.
  4. Bad postseason baseball is better than no postseason baseball. Got me to hang out with my nursing home dad two days in a row.
  5. I saw a Gladden jersey at the park last night which was cool. But I don't think I'd trade it for my Florimon 25 shersey.
  6. Same. Out of the mean streets. Played 150 games a year - in center field. Loved to be in the batter's box. Batted first, then third. Told people to "get on my back." Came through in clutch situations. Brought fans to the Metrodome. Not an obvious stud early, Puckett worked in a factory and made his path through junior college. Always spoke of the value of hard work, and of realizing his fortune to make a living playing a game. Made Minnesota his home. I am old enough to remember watching Harmon in the on-deck circle and being thrilled to see him at the plate. But no one in any sport will ever compare to Kirby for me. My Mount Rushmore has Killebrew, Oliva, Puckett and probably Hrbek or Hunter.
  7. How was Miguel Sano ever a superstar? And how is this line anything but self-exposing baloney? "The age issue hasn’t been brought up in recent years and that’s probably a good thing for Twins Territory." Do you still think he's going to be deported as a terrorist?
  8. Eddie Rosario, since Dozier left. Team MVP, he exemplifies the young talented outfield defense, the aggressive batting line up, the predominately Caribbean-born roster. He plays with a desire and panache that is spreading.
  9. Very conspiratorial. Which of the drugs of abuse do you think it was then? Was he mixing weed and PCP? What's the rumor? http://mlb.mlb.com/pa/pdf/prohibited-substances.pdf
  10. Are you inferring Rosario lied to the Star Tribune? http://www.startribune.com/twins-prospect-rosario-has-nothing-to-do-but-wait/257268071/
  11. Maybe... Are you inferring Rosario lied to the Star Tribune? http://www.startribune.com/twins-prospect-rosario-has-nothing-to-do-but-wait/257268071/ Source: Article: Longest Tenured Minnesota Twins - 2019
  12. Rosario's "drug of abuse" is now legal for medicinal use in Minnesota (and Arizona, where he was tested) and for recreational purposes in 10 states.
  13. Thanks for the shout out, John. Didn't see that coming. Have enjoyed your work from waaay back. Win Twins!
  14. John, hi. I found it through the excellent Classic MN Twins blog. I don't know anything about the intro. I tried to find the post about in on the blog just now, but got tired of scrolling through the many Killebrew tales. I have been interested in this HR since I read Cool of the Evening. I was 4 when it happened. I have a collection of bookmark's about the home run. There's a great story on SABR. My interest was recently rekindled when I read Red Barber's autobiography. He was a Yankees announcer at the time. The way he describes the day made it sound like it was THE nail in the coffin to the multi-decade Yankees dynasty. That always makes me happy to contemplate.
  15. Here's to 11 years of beating the Yankees! Harmon Takes Down The Yankees: July 11 1965
  16. Twins came into focus for me around 1967-1968. Favorite Twins are Puckett (by a long shot), Oliva (first favorite), Killebrew, Hrbek, Hunter. Favorite year was 1991. I liked the weirdly calm 1987 team, but I feel they got a bit lucky to face the Cards without Jack Clark; where the 1991 team had the win streak, a better line up, won more than the bash brother A's and then beat a great Braves team in the World Series.
  17. I say cry me a homer hanky, grumpy old glorified warehouse. And see you at the May doubleheader.
  18. I'm saving Florida for retirement, which is on the horizon now. I did go to Arizona once, in 1994, and had a grand time for all of the reasons you mention. I saw three games. We watched a Giants "home" game against the Cubs from the grass hill near left field. Two memories: One, Sammy Sosa was walking around near us before the game, ignoring the fans who were yelling for him. He had just got a big raise - so I yelled, "Sammy, lend me $20!" He did not acknowledge me, but moments later he came over to our section and started signing autographs. The same game, someone cracked a sharp base hit to Barry Bonds's right, in left field. We had an excellent close-up look as Bonds tracked down the rolling ball and threw over his body to second base to keep the man to a single. First, I would have never reached that fast-rolling ball; and second, if by some miracle I had, I would have thrown a 15-hopper to second base. That's when I realized how good these professionals are.
  19. In 1992 I brought my family to Minnesota, where I grew up, from San Francisco. On our winding way, we saw a Portland Beavers baseball game on July 4, 1992. My recollection is that Scott Brosius beat the Beavers for the Tacoma Tigers. I want to say that Mahomes started for the Beavers in his up and down rookie season. I may be making that part up - I do that sometimes. I dug but can't find a box score. I remember Twins fans having high hopes for Mahomes. I think of him as a pitcher who threw hard but didn't fool a lot of batters. I was glad he had some success later with the Mets.
  20. I noticed Alexi Casilla is batting over .300 in the Dominican League
  21. Enjoyed watching the HRs and the Nelson Cruz Facetime, thanks. The DR Round Robin is getting SERIOUS! Teams are pulling out the stops. https://www.oddsportal.com/baseball/dominican-republic/lidom/standings/
  22. All fine and well - I love me some optimism. Only thing is I recall we had the same thing going after 2013. We had the best minor league system in the majors, and the web sages told the fans we had to be patient another season or two. I'll be more excited to read the post on how the Twins started winning regularly again.
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