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  1. I've updated the top 300 Twins of all time to now include 2021 results. Who do you think I'm the most off base on? Who's underrated/overrated? https://wgom.org/2021/10/25/top-300-minnesota-twins-of-all-time-updated-through-2021/
  2. For me, I think Dozier should be a Twins HOFer (and I'm pretty sure he will eventually). Not counting Mauer (who will be in very soon) on my list I have Dozier right after Cesar Tovar on my Twins ranking list. Hopefully the next 3 Twins entering the HOF will be Mauer, Tovar, Dozier. I have Dozier ranked higher than 3 other Twins already in the HOF (Cuddyer, Guardado, Gagne)
  3. You probably are under-rating Mack quite a bit (he was very under-valued at his time). B-ref has him as the 2nd best Twin on the 1991 champs (behind Tapani) and the 2nd best player (behind Puckett) on the 90 win team the following year. Also, the Twins have a pretty good list of top players, especially when you factor in I'm only looking at 59 years and many of the below franchises are over 100 years old. See the teams that started around the same time as the Twin below. If you look at teams like Orioles/Redsox/Dodgers that have been around 50 years more oftent the 24th best player only has about 30-35 rWAR 24th best player by B-ref Twins Shane Mack 19.6 Mets Ron Darling 16.8 Angels Doug DeCinces 18.9 Rangers Kevin Brown 17.7 Astros Dallas Keuchel 18.3
  4. I've updated my top 300 list of Twins all time through the 2019 regular season. Hopefully there will be some postseason heroics/accolades to add to the resume of the 2019 Twins, but for now this is where I have them sitting. Let me know what you think. Who's overated, who's underated? https://wgom.org/2019/10/03/minnesota-twins-top-300-twins-of-all-time-one-mans-opinion-through-2019-season/
  5. Can you trade Jorge Alcala, Gilberto Celstino, Dakota Chalmers, Ryan Costello, and Chase De Jong for the 2019 equivalents of 2018 pitchers Fernando Rodney, Zach Duke, and Ryan Pressley (aka a 6th inning LHP and 2 7th/8th inning RHPs?)
  6. I think Perez a month ago is on this list but given his slight step backward lately, he's probably below the cut line. Would you trade Nick Gordon right now for a Martin Perez pitcher? I wouldn't. I thought about those type of players as I listed. Would you deal Larnach/Javier for a rental of someone like Odo? I might. But I probably wouldn't go quite that high for a rental of Gibson.
  7. Hearing people talk about "trade value" makes me wonder, in the organization who has the most trade value (IE what can they get you in return), obviously certain players (1/2 year or Odorizzi) appear to teams needing help just for 2019 while others (Lewis, etc) for teams looking at value down the road. What do you think? How far off am I? 1. Berrios: team control for 3 1/2 years 2. Buxton: team control for 3 1/2 years 3. Polanco: team control for 4.5 years plus 2 options 4. Kepler: team control for 4.5 years plus 1 option 5. Lewis: team control for 6 years 6. Rosario: team control for 2.5 years 7. Garver: team control for 4.5 years 8. Kirilov: team control for 6 years 9. Rogers: team control for 3.5 years 10. Graterol: team control for 6 years 11. Odorzzi: team control for .5 years 12. Larnach: team control for 6 years 13. Javier: team control for 6 years 14. Sano: team control for 2.5 years 15. Gibson: team control for .5 years 16. Cron: team control for 1.5 years 17. Gonzalez: team control for 1.5 years 18. Cruz: team control for .5 years plus 1 option 19-25: prospects 6-whateverr on your list (Rocker/Duran/Thorpe/Gordon/Severino/Arraez)
  8. Twins currently have an OPS+ of 126 per Baseball-reference. The best in their 58 year history is 1988 when they had an OPS+ of 111 (2nd highest in baseball that year). In the previous 58 years, they've only been better than average (OPS+ of 101 or more 21 times). Their worst year was 1981 with a 78 OPS+.
  9. Joe/Junior Ortiz is on there. #237 Seth, I agree on Kepler/Becker. When I saw how similar their numbers were that seemed a perfect resting spot for Max.
  10. I've updated my list to include all 2018 stats. 3 new members this year, who am I underating/overating? https://wgom.org/2018/10/05/minnesota-twins-top-300-twins-of-all-time-one-mans-opinion-through-2018-season/
  11. "Morneau was an MVP. So he could be on there for sure." So was Zoilo. In 57 years of baseball, it takes more than just a MVP award to get you in the top15 (although I think Justin barely sneaks in anyway)
  12. you pretty much matched my list (top300 link below). We had Puckett and Carew flip flopped as the only difference in the top7 and only Morneau vs Nathan in the top15. I think you are relying too much on Bref's WAR compared to other methods from Bill James/B-prospectus/Fangraphs. Radke does better than Kaat according to b-ref, but Kaat is much better in other methods. https://wgom.org/2017/10/09/one-mans-opinion-of-the-top-300-twins-of-all-time-updated-through-2017/
  13. Downtown Darrell Brown was the last one bumped from last year's list. Along with Juan Castro and Brent Gates once Berrios, Kintzler, and Jason Castro were added this year.
  14. Thoughts? Who did I overrate and who did I underrate? https://wgom.org/2017/10/09/one-mans-opinion-of-the-top-300-twins-of-all-time-updated-through-2017/
  15. 103 losses is ugly, but individually at least a couple Twins moved up the list in 2016 https://wgom.org/2016/10/06/top-300-twins-of-all-time-one-mans-opinion/
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