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  1. Made the site more mobile friendly meant adding more ads that load on mobile. The pop-up videos are annoying as can be. I really appreciate the content on this site but the increase in pop-ups is frustrating.
  2. From Keith Law at The Athletic - "That’s an everyday player with strong OBP skills and a small chance for some power, and a potentially above-average reliever with a small chance to start. For a year and a half of Bérrios, that sounds about right, even if these two prospects are more famous than their skills merit right now." Little rough of a review there. He's got some good info and reasoning in the article. I def recommend a subscription to The Athletic.
  3. MLB has Lewis at #13 and Martin at #16. Martin has had shoulder issues and that's why he was moved to outfield. He has less power than Lewis. Just pointing out reasons they may have Lewis higher.
  4. The two slot in as our #2 (Martin) and #3 (SWR) prospects. That gives us five top 100 prospects, all of which are at AA or higher. The coming year should be fun with all the potential talent debuting.
  5. Mlb.tv and a vpn. If you have a somewhat tech savvy (or experienced in google fu) friend that lives outside the region they can set up openvpn on their router and give you the client files. You can also just buy vpn service and choose a server outside the region and then mlb.tv won't block you.
  6. 2019 preseason rankings had the following: 10. Baddoo 9. Enlow 8. Thorpe 7. Duran 6. Rooker The 2019 version of these players had a lot of question marks just like this year's 6-10. Some answered, some faltered. I think I felt better about last year's group, but I like 2020 Jeffers the most.
  7. It's already updated with the new players from the deadline trades
  8. https://twitter.com/ParkerHageman/status/1021943107879936002 The link. So beautiful.
  9. Had to look up Michael Davis because his named seemed to keep popping up. Someone quoted this previously after the draft but I don't know where it's from. ---Senior shortstop Michael Davis could be a potential snag in this year’s MLB Draft. The Lubbock local is a versatile baseball player who, over the years, has played multiple positions in addition to shortstop, including second and third-base. Davis has a cannon for an arm and unbelievable range making him a good draft prospect. His batting average could be better, but he has the power to knock it out of the park and can be clutch in big game situations. Davis has the experience – he’s played in the 2016 CWS, helped Texas Tech win back-to-back Big 12 conference titles and appeared in more than 200 games for the Red Raiders. So far this season, Davis has a .290 batting average, 11 home runs and 50 RBIs; however, he has 63 strikeouts which needs to be improved. His fielding percentage is .946 and he has 14 errors on the year. Davis has a chance to increase these numbers this week in the Super Regional. Davis isn’t listed on Baseball America’s top prospect list, but don’t be surprised if he’s picked up in the later rounds of the draft. --- Safe to say the batting average is doing pretty well so far. A little old for low A but he's doing what he should.
  10. I'd like to see a gif of one of Hildy's strikeouts last night. Got a guy to swing at change up while also trying to move his feet so he didn't get hit by the pitch. I literally laughed out loud at that swing. Anyone else catch that?
  11. I'd recommend watching a little. I went to Vanderbilt for grad school and so I've been a fan of them for a while now. Yes, the game is a little "sloppier" but I think it promotes aggressiveness which makes for some exciting plays that you don't normally see. Plus, these guys are still kids and like to have fun. Check out some of the rain delay videos.
  12. Me too! 13+ hours is the only reason I find this game entertaining. Can't focus anymore.
  13. How is that belt high changeup so devastating? Sano swung under it twice in his first AB. I thought the cardinal sin of a changeup was to leave it up. Yet we can't seem to touch it...
  14. I've had it for about 5 years. The image quality really depends on internet speed. I have Fiber so it's HD. Pretty phenomenal. However, the browser interface does tend to jump around when you try the DVR functions. The mlb.tv app for windows is pretty terrible. It often doesn't load, it skips, and it is rather basic. The playstation app is honestly the best for viewing. You can jump from event to event (hits, runs), skip to inning starts, etc. I personally really like using the audio broadcasts while I work. The data stream for audio is very light so I don't mind streaming it away from wifi. If you can find it for 50% off, I'd say it's worth it.
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