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  1. Slow start? They hit two Hrs in the first inning plus a double and a single. I would take that any night.
  2. Solid Video and content. Now that Trevor May is going to have another start, do you think if he pitches well, he is the 5th starter?
  3. Hopefully, Mauer continues to hit like we all know he can. Seems to be hitting better as of late.
  4. Well, I like how he pitched in the later innings, but Correia got a bit lucky to throw a shutout. Especially in the first two innings
  5. I also like the power arms grabs. Two guys who could be in the majors soon. Any word on if Cederoth has a shot at starting?
  6. No tobi0040. He is going to be a reliever. After another night of Jared Burton, Twins fans should be happy about having a quality reliever not to mention more in AAA right now. Seth, this makes me think that Fien might be available if the Twins drop out of contention. What think you?
  7. Hopefully the Twins win again so Gardy must put Pinto in for a third game in a row.
  8. I do not want to overreact from one game, but when should we reasonable expect Rosario in NB?
  9. Arcia's home run makes up for my absence in the thread tonight. Sorry I am late.
  10. I don't think it is going to take 90 wins to win the second wild card spot.
  11. I just want a win. No matter how ugly Perkins is pitching at the moment and I do not want to hear anything about Gomez and the Santana trade. Therefore, Perkins must strike Gomez out.
  12. Hope my comments about Joe Nathan don't haunt Perkins tonight. Name the curse and it goes away
  13. Well Perkins will get the save opportunity (if we don't score.) Good game to give up a run for Fien save the zeros for closer games.
  14. Well the Twins FO has been full of weird decisions. Burton makes more sense than Guerrier or Bartlett and possibly even Kubel.
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