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  1. That person who runs it should be fired on the spot.
  2. I know it’s absolutely bull crap but on cbs sports website for mob power rankings we went up 8 spots so maybe mlbs website is just weird right now. But we should not have gone done the twins are first in the Al central swept the white Sox and button walked them off but yeah I don’t know why mlb put us down after sweeping the white Sox. And slays bunny’s performance that should put us up. Button went four for four and yesteryear day 2 for 5 with 2 home runs.
  3. Sanó is currently batting 0.83 on the year with only 1 home run with 3 rbis and 4 hits in 48 at bats. Not gonna lie I had pretty high hopes for sanó this year he had 30 home runs last season which is pretty good but it’s still early. What do you guys think will sanó stay cold and strikeout almost every at bat or may will be something special for him.
  4. Definitely agree nick gordon could be a beast at batting and joe Ryan does have great potential to be a great for are starting rotation well he already is but yesterday his start against the royals was phenomenal he has so much talent for a young pitcher.
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