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  1. I may have spoke too soon. Sometimes this contractual stuff gets confusing.
  2. Quick topic pivot- When Pineda is healthy what will become of Smelzer? The twins selected his contract. Would they then have to let him go? He won't pass waivers.
  3. Souhan seems to want to take any chance to toss negativity towards Mauer. I am happy he got a nice send-off. We can enjoy the current success without dumping on him. Isn't Souhan the same person who challenged Mauer's toughness as he was suffering from a brain injury? That says plenty. Moving on.....
  4. I feel like I am late to the game with this question but her goes. Do I understand correctly that Romero will only pursue a bullpen spot going forward? If yes, why have they decided that pitching as a starter is no longer in the picture?
  5. This thread is as bad as my neighborhood Facebook page continually crying about poor snowplowing in Highland Park. He cut his heal in a freak accident. Here's to a speedy recovery. Great move getting Gonzalez.
  6. I feel this but he needs to cut down on walks. His stuff is not good enough to survive if he walks 4.9 ppl per game.
  7. Will there soon be a Cave vs Kepler discussion? Both are 25, athletic, can play corner and some center and seem to hit similarly.
  8. Seems to me he rocked 2 years ago. He does not seem to have any power but he gets on base and hits like mad. Also, he started at SS the other day. I thought he was only 2B. It never hurts to have more depth up the middle.
  9. Unless something very crazy good happens, they must be sellers. This is not because we have players who will bring back amazing prospects. This is because we need to be sure the correct people are playing. Morrison, Grossman, Dozier, Adrianza, Duke, Lynn and Rogers will not be on our team next year. Unless absolutely necessary, they should not play in the latter part of the season. Give reps to younger people if you can. If some of the above can be moved for even minimal return, it makes that easier to do.
  10. It is really too bad. He was a great pick up and for a short time a great asset and it should have stopped there. The extension was one of the worst moves Ryan ever made.
  11. Echoing a lot of people in these comments, I feel like the best moves are to sign extensions to current folks, look for a RH bat and look for bullpen. None of these guys are worth it.
  12. Why is Kepler deserving of a larger contract than Rosario and should we be extending Kepler at this point? It seems like a huge gamble without knowing he can hit LHP.
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