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  1. I can understand being mad about the trades I was too and dozier and Escobar were some of my favorite players and I was starting to like duke a lot too and lyns bulldog mentality .. and I'm not sold on our current FO .. nor was I when the twins had terry ryan the second time .. but it's definitely not gunna make stop watching the twins .. it's like the players we currently have it probably suck too but you got keep playing.. hopefully will see dozier and Escobar back in twins uniform weather it's sooner or later.. there have been a lot twins players that have comeback like for example torii hunter.. Go Twins!
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    Seeing dozier and Escobar go suck.. but life goes on whether you agree with your front office or not you just hope to win ball games as a player , coach, or fan. I remember when I was young I love playing baseball and football in fact football was my favorite sport up until I was 17..I remember my dad telling me stories about the twins 2 World Series wins since I was born after both so didn't get see them we had blue coller players... and even now just something about those 2 twins teams never a favorite just blue collar team with grit. and you can probably say that about all twins team through there history.. I guess that why when I turn 17 I started to watch more twins games and and gain back that interested .. than we had guys like Trevor Plouffe and Brian Dozier and Escobar who were just coming up to the club or had been here a year or two before.. who were just gritty players they play ding up never had the greatest batting average probably will be .240 to .260 career batting average.. but they had that blue collar mentally they weren't every kids favorite like the Jeters and the A-rods.. but they were my favorite they gave it their all every chance they got to play and had some unexpected pop to there bats.. seeing Plouffe go suck but you saw it coming at the end of 2016 with dealing with injuries and sano on the rise we had no room for him in the infieald.. I thought than that dozier would finish as twin his whole career and Escobar was a utility guy and has been a pleasant surprise the past two years getting to show he's a every day player I too thought would finish his career as twin.. but thing about baseball is you always got some one younger waiting to take your spot.. so I hope sano , plonco , and who ever is our next second basemen , most likely Gordon I hope that that grit and mentality rubs off on them..
  3. Same but if we can keep grossman I would.. and jut have bat DH grossman like mauer are really good at working the count witch benefits the guys batting behind them
  4. Yea that true I know I heard that granite was dealing with shoulder problems but I was impressed with granite last year
  5. Jake cave has a chance to be the next dozier.. as in a blue collar guy getting a chance at 25 and late round pick.. though he wasn't draft by the twins.. he was by the Yankees which would make it even better if he turns out to be the player I think he'll be. He brings good depth to the out field and gives the twins time to just let Buxton heal up.. but I think Jake cave can be that unexpected power hitter like dozier and bring that fire to the team. With that old school type of play. Hell do good buuut in like 4 years will probably trade him for prospects haha.. I think he has chance to be a 25 to 30 home run guy and he seems humbled one thing I like about dozier.. generally for the most part in twins history we've for the most part get really humbled players. Good for the locker room. But yea go get em Jake cave! I predicting he'll hit 104 homers the 4 year with us. If we keep him that long.
  6. Goodbye dozier you'll be miss by a lot of twins player and twins fans.. I hope nothing but the best.. and one day it will be nice to see you in a twins uniform again you'll be hard to replace at second base and you power will be hard to replace thanks for giving it 100%.. thanks for the 168 homers too and thanks for what you and you family did for the community.
  7. in my opinion I think we should have signed him .. or let him play the rest of the season ..
  8. . Both the astros and cubs tank for years... Red Sox and Yankees kept vetrans around and guys that ment something to the franchise while bring up young talent... the twins just traded talent for prospects every year .. where just a big farm system for teams like you mention
  9. no ha I agree that they sign those guys to help but they wait to long to sign a couple.. and I have watch most the games I don't think dozier moped at all yea he wasn't batting the greatest but everybody knows that dozier gets hot in august - September . Plus we don't have a back up plan at second I'm sayin that are FO in looking 6 years in the future because there more worried about bolstering are single a team than about the rest of the season... also I'm not huge on the whole buyers or sellers thing .. not against trades by no mean but the whole buyer / sellers thing is dumb theses days.. and Cleveland could easily have the same record .. they have one of the easiest schedules in baseball.. also Buxton when was with us was playing with a broken toe so I'm not willing to say he's a bust
  10. . Dozier didn't half ass ... dozier even said that in the offseason the front office didn't even approach him... yeah he hasn't been playing the greatest neither is bryce Harper .. the front office is a joke and I think most fans would agree ... oh and about those free agent signings maybe they shouldn't have waited until spring training was done to sign lance lynn and Lo mo.. yea they signed duke to help our bullpen and then got rid of him.
  11. Dozier was only unhappy because of the lack of respect the front office has for him they didn't even offer him a contract in the offseason .. but dozier still went out gave it his all ... the clubhouse has nothing but great things to say about him.. Thad and Derek wanted to get rid of most these guys when they got here.. their looking 6 years in the future while moltior and the team were just looking to catch the Indians .. the clubhouse didn't give up the front office did .. heck they gave up last year..
  12. Thad lavine and Derek favely don't know how to run a team .. twins got talent in the minors but none of them are ready so what did the great front office do went out and got guys who are more not ready for the MLB .. so that's you keep guys like dozier and Escobar around for 2 to 4 years more.. People keep saying Escobar didn't want to extend but no proof of that.. they say dozier wouldn't have sign with the twins.. I mean since Derek favely and Thad lavine have gotten here they have made it know they want to get rid of dozier..
  13. It was a dumb trade... dozier play his heart out for this team... and people say the twins under achieved this year.. Buxton has been playing the whole year hurt weather when he was with the twins or down in triple a.. Sano was out of shape.. we played like 20 games without mauer do to injury and our best pitcher last year has pitched just 2 games this year. Not to mention we had one the toughest 1st half schedules and in the first month 4 of our games got canceled.. the twins will never win a World Series has long as Derek favely and Thad Lavine are in front office... they haven't made one good trade.. nor have they had faith in this team ever since they have gotten here
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