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  1. I'm probably only posting this because I'm pissed off right now, but Cruz honestly comes off as obnoxious and unfocused in the mic'ed up videos that I've seen him in. He's mainly just berates Astudillo to an extent that wouldn't be tolerated in any workplace outside of MLB. It's also kind of funny, but Astudillo is the least of the team's problems right now... I would argue he is actually kind of having a quietly good season. However one could argue that the problem is that someone like him is getting regular playing time, which wouldn't happen on a team that actually has good players/doesn't have the injury troubles that we do.
  2. I think Falvine being cheap is the biggest culprit and elephant in the room. In 2019 we had a real opportunity at a run and we squandered it because of his unwillingness to upgrade the bullpen. Now it's 2021 and everyone is regressing, we dumped a bunch players like Rosario, and now our pitching is perhaps even worse than it was in 2019 and 2020. It's a mess and frankly it's inexcusable considering the power that we have in the lineup with Cruz, Buxton, Donaldson. All of the good teams have pitchers that can close out games pitching triple digits. We haven't had that in years. We keep acquiring cheap contact pitchers and it's just not working. I still believe this lineup is capable of being good, but man oh man... we need to end the Colome experiment and make some serious changes. Otherwise this is just going to be a wasted season.
  3. They need to get rid of Colome. Acting like he is magically going to get it together this season is borderline insane.
  4. it's just one game, but honestly feeling kind of frustrated. Basically all of the symptoms of why we can't win a post season game showed up. Really bad bullpen, critical errors, and stagnant offensive production during critical moments. Not to mention one of our highest paid players can't seem to ever be healthy. Lots to fix here... But anyone who isn't seeing things with rose colored Twins fan goggles will immediately recognize our biggest problem. Bullpen depth. Twins could really use one of those lanky side arm long-hairs that throw 100MPH fastballs during critical spots. Instead we have a box of misfits.
  5. Dope. Love reading stories about this. One of the reasons I find modern baseball so interesting.
  6. So I hate to be this guy every year, but once again the MLB makes it a huge pain to watch the Twins if you're in a blackout market. In 2019 I was able to watch the Twins on FSN on YoutubeTV, then FSN got dropped from youtube TV. In 2020 I switched to Hulu, but now Hulu/Sinclair has dropped FSN. So going into the 2021 season with FSN being renamed Bally Sports North, does anyone know of a service where I can stream this channel? Or has anyone heard any updates about a streaming giant picking it up now that they're partnered with Bally? I feel like my only option at this point is MLB.tv and a VPN which also means that I'll have to connect to my TV via airplay. Anyone have any thoughts?
  7. This Royals series has been brutal to watch. Every game has been very winnable, but our pitching has been atrocious. Combine that with spots of the lineup being completely unable to get on base, it's some of the most frustrating baseball to watch. And yeah, I'm kind of over Bremer calling Berrios our ace. He's not, and hasn't looked like an ace since spring early summer last year.
  8. I say this seriously. At some point do with think about bringing in Willians Astudillo? Or at the very least rotating him in to see if he can get on base regularly?
  9. Hahaha, that's hilarious. Yeah all I see are a bunch of what look like knock-off sites screen printing them. Honestly, the font used on that shirt probably makes it so that the typo is not that noticeable.
  10. Anyone know if the Twins are selling the Summer Camp T-Shirt officially anywhere? I see a few random T-shirt sites selling this shirt, but I'm wondering if there is an official vendor. Apologize in advance for the slightly off topic thread.
  11. I watched that and was rooting for him. Sad that he's not a Twin anymore, dude has some velo.
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