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  1. 1. i remember when the Twins acquired Larry Milbourne from the Yankees mid season, around '82 or so. For a young impressionable Twins fan such as myself, damn what a dick... 2. Tom Herr? cried on the airplane, and didn't stop crying. Ever.... 3. But this list has to begin and end with Ricky Nolasco.
  2. I got to meet Jim Eisenreich at a golf tournament when i was about 11 years old. I think that was before he left the team for good. My dad was in radio so we had fairway access and we met him briefly. I couldn't stop staring, he was super weird. Eyes darting, looking over his shoulders, shuffling from foot to foot like he had to pee, constantly exhaling, puffing out his cheeks, almost hyperventilating. He didn't say a word to either of us, but he was nice enough to sign my card w/ a ballpoint pen. We got to see him tee off later in his round: 400 yards off the tee, easy... I was happy to see him make it back to the MLB and have a decent career.
  3. i see Trevor Hildenberger got called up by the Mets today
  4. look at him in 2004 https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/r/rincoju01.shtml
  5. remember the Slow Black Bake? Kevin Slowey, Nick Blackburn, and Scott Baker? fun for the fans in the outfield seats!
  6. Can I just do this for fun? I'm off work indefinitely. I'm gonna play this game but only using Twins' players. I'm talking about my personal favorite players. Not an historic Twins' all star team, but the dudes who I loved to root for. I'm also gonna include an honorable mention, just for fun C - Joe Mauer (2009) .365 BA, 1.031 OPS... he was pretty good that year... honoroable mention: Tim Laudner (1987). 1988 was his best year at the plate, but '87 is when all those kids put it together. All those guys came up thru the minors together, and he got himself a ring. Still part of the family 1B - Kent Hrbek (1982) The Twins SUCKED at the time. Herbie was the first up out of that group. He was the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Everyone's favorite Twin, for a couple years... honorable mention: Justin Morneau (2006). Just imagine if he hadn't taken a knee to the head sliding into 2nd that day.... 2B: Steve Lombardozzi (1987) A lot of '87 on this list. Lombo won a ring. As did Knoblauch, but despite his production, Knobs was just not a really likeable guy. Always kind of a jerk... honorable mention: John Castino. Castino shifted to 2nd to make room for the Rat. He was a star on one of the worst teams in franchise history. He makes my list 'cause when i became a Twins fan at age 9, he was one of the few decent players we had 3B: Gary Gaetti (1987). He and Herbie cornered that infield as long as took for them to get a ring. Sorry he wasn't around for the 2nd ring. One of the Greatest Twins of all time, the Rat! honorable mention: Corey Koskie (2001). No big deal, he had a good year If it weren't for the f*ckin' Yankees, this group might've won a couple rings.... SS: Jorge Polanco (2019). That was not his last appearance in an All-Star game. honorable mention: Ron Washington (1982). Scrappy little f*cker, he came up w/ the rest of that group, endured the hard times, but was gone before his buddies won a ring. I loved watching him play. Not much skill, but all hustle and attitude. LF: Randy Bush (1987). He did play some LF early in his career. We're talking about favorites, here. Not a lot of players won 2 rings w/ the Twins. Bushie did. honorable mention: Gary Ward (1982). Ward was the best player on a terrible team, but made his mark in Twins' history when he was traded to Texas for Mike Smithson and John Butcher. If you remember that, you remember how huge that trade was for the Twins CF: Kirby Puckett (1984). Were you watching on TV the night Puck made his MLB debut? Overnight Superstar! We woke up the next morning and everyone knew we were on the right track honorable mention: Torii Hunter (any year). I don't have to remind any of you. RF: Max Kepler (2019): 'Sup dude! Nice to see ya! honorable mention: Michael Cuddyer (2006). f***in' Yankees, man... this group should've won at least one DH: Nelson Cruz (2019): And BOOM goes the dynamite.... ! honorable mention: Chili Davis (1991). Has the best season of his career and gets a ring. Thanks man! This was really hard, and fun! I'll do the pitchers next. I need a cigarette.
  7. Correct me if i'm mistaken, but hasn't Deduno thrown a quality start every time he's pitched for the Twins this year? And, do you think we should start calling Mastroianni "The Maestro"? Idk, i'm not nearly as despondent about the future of this team as I was a couple months ago
  8. don't look now but as of tonight, the mighty Drew Butera currently leads the team in batting average, AND he has the lowest ERA on the team.
  9. no doubt, Butera is the least of our worries
  10. so many positives today! welcome back, Ben Revere! Let's keep him when Doumit is back, yes? but the thing that is making me laugh is Butera's current line of .350/.381/.450 !!! What planet is this??? gotta love it
  11. absolutely had to be done. seeing Valencia ground into a bases-loaded 1-2-3 double play, swinging at bad pitch after bad pitch, he does not belong at the major league level right now.
  12. Nathan perfect inning w/ one K, 11 pitches, 7 for strikes. watch him rack up a 40+ save season while Capps continues to suck
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