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  1. One of my favorite ballpark memories . . . first visit to Target Field in the inaugural season with my eight year old boy. He was thrilled about the bat give away, and it was a lovely Minnesota summer afternoon. We had nice seats right down in the right field bleachers right on the foul line. Liriano was on the mound for the start and summoned up some serious magic, with 11 strikeouts and 7 innings of shutout baseball, to lead the Twinks to a solid win. I recall lingering in the stands as long as we possibly could afterwards, enjoying the feel of a win by our hometown club and soaking up the sheer pleasure of the return of outdoor baseball.
  2. My 10 year old son and I - avid Twins fans transplanted into enemy Michigan territory and suffering through a woeful 2013 season - attending a meaningless late August game at Comerica with our friends who were equally avid fans of the first place Tigers. For one thrilling evening, the Morneau of the M&M glory days resurfaced, completely taking over the game with four hits (including a dinger and a 2-bagger) and a couple sensational defensive plays, thus ensuring a Twins victory and giving us bragging rights for the long late night ride home.
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