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  • Destination: The Show. Episode 4

    Jamie Cameron

    Draft tandem JD Cameron and Jeremy Nygaard team up for a new podcast called Destination: The Show. The focus will be on the draft, the minor leagues and everything else that happens on the way to Major League Baseball.

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    Twins Video

    Join JD Cameron and Jeremy Nygaard for Episode 4 as they discuss the Twins draft with Baseball America's draft expert, Carlos Collazo. Listen to Carlos' reflections on the Twins class, under the radar picks, and prospects who are off to a fast start in pro ball. Carlos also reflects on the current state of the 2024 draft class, answers listeners draft questions, and answers some quickfire hypotheticals on the Holliday brothers.

    Time-Stamped Running Order
    1:49 Welcome Carlos Collazo from Baseball America
    4:00 Headlines/takeaways from each draft class

    • 4:39 Twins
    • 6:51 Cubs
    • 8:43 Brewers

    11:07 Carlos's "Under the Radar" Favorites
    16:42 Impressive pro performances

    • 17:10 Twins
    • 18:12 Cubs
    • 19:02 Brewers

    20:40 2024 Draft Preview
    21:40 How do you familiarize yourself with the names of the next class?
    24:37 Strengths and weaknesses of 2024 draft
    27:35 Who's Going to Emerge?
    30:54 Listener Questions:

    39:20 Holliday Szn
    47:33 Final Thoughts

    You can find Destination: The Show on all major podcast platforms including Spotify, iTunes, iHeartRadio and Amazon Music. The show is available on Libsyn, our podcasting platform, in addition to Youtube.



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