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  • REPLAY: Twins Daily Reacts Live at the Trade Deadline

    Nick Nelson

    Twins Daily writers live-streamed and reacted live as Friday afternoon's trade deadline arrived, interacting with fans in real-time as news broke. You can watch the full show below.

    Nick, Seth and Matthew break down a busy trade deadline, sharing thoughts on the José Berríos, J.A. Happ and Hansel Robles deals. You can catch future live streams by following our YouTubeTwitter and Facebook channels.



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    38 minutes to go and a lot of players I hope that they move now that they have gotten rid of Berrios.  Will anything more happen?  Yes to anything for Happ, surprised to get a live arm. 

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    Glad to see the Twins were able to move Happ, but I have to be honest. I can't fathom why Simmons is still on the roster. Pineda should have been moved as well. So having expiring contracts on the roster in a lost season isn't exciting to me.

    Overall, I think I'd give the front office a B.

    • Berrios = A- The Twins got two better prospects than I was expecting, but the Twins got no help for 2022. 
    • Cruz = A The Twins got Ryan, who looks like he could be ready for to provide value in 2022. Strotman and Fauchner don't feel like they're a world apart, to be honest.
    • Happ = A. Anything for Happ was going to be an A. Gant's peripherals look like a train wreck as he hasn't been ablet to hit the broad side of a barn this year, but he's had results somehow despite that? Evan Sisk is PTBNL quality, but that's more than nothing.
    • Pineda = F With some expected solid value and an expiring contract, moving Pineda felt like an obvious must. The front office wasn't able to get it done.
    • Simmons = D Simmons wasn't going to attract a ton of interest, but the Twins had a vested interest in freeing up some middle infield opportunities.

    When it comes to trades not made for players not on expiring contracts (Donaldson, Maeda, Buxton), I have no idea what was offered and there's no need for the Twins to sell any of them at all right now. Maeda is likely at a value low point right now, but likely to bounce back. Donaldson is playing well and the longer he plays, the smaller his contract gets. Buxton is still apparently an extension candidate for the Twins and no matter what happens, Buxton likely increases his value to the Twins front office with more time on the club this year. If he plays in more games, it increases his trade value and if he's unable to play more, it likely increases the likelihood he signs provided the Twins are still interested in extending him.

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    I loved the Happ deal. Gant is unhittable but has major control issues. If he can harness his control (different from command), he could have a very big upside. The Berrios deal (though I was against trading him) was decent enough. We get a good CF prospect in case Buxton doesn't sign (which he probably won't) and Berrios reportedly was not going to sign an extension. The Robles deal could be good for Boston if he regains form but he didn't with us. I hope they can sign Simmons for at least another year. And Pineda as well but it might be tough. He may go via waivers in August. I hope they will be able to compete next year but it doesn't look good right now. We would need to get 2 starters in free agency or have the kids step up big time.

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