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Lineup Dreams, Favorable Reviews, and Terry Ryan Worshiping

Twins fans here never really put much value or thought into Ben Revere's future here. With all the other great outfielders in the minor league system, he really didn't have much of a chance. Now with 2/3 the 2012 OF gone, what is the plan for 2013 as of now? The Twins have a lot of money they can spend. Like Ben Revere, Vance Worley is a making next to nothing baseball wise. We just added a pitcher without really even spending any money! Terry Ryan now has at least 25 million to divvy up between 2 starting pitchers and could even stand to improve the lineup.


If you want a write-up from a neutral source. Here it is. http://is.gd/G0BNsP

I loved this article and it is appropriately titled "Phillies Overpay for Revere"



As for the 2013 Lineup, I'm picturing something like this

Mastroianni 8 (Don't think Carroll has the necessary speed)

Mauer 2 (He HAS to bat 2nd now, right?!)

Willingham 7

Morneau 3

Youkilis 5

Doumit DH

Parmelee 9

Plouffe 4

Carroll 6


Now the only non-HR hitter we have is Jamey Carroll!!!

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