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Let's Dream on a Twins Deal for Juan Soto


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Nash Walker
The Twins could use another big bat in the heart of their order. There may be no bigger bat available on the trade market this winter than Juan Soto, who remains among the top five players in the game. The San Diego Padres and Twins have traded before, can we dream on another?

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Dream would be the key word here. The 27 million this year... doable... the 440 million 10 year extension that he is looking for according to one report? Not happening. Considering that they would also want a handful of our top prospects. This would be a TERRIBLE long term move. Again, Not happening. 

I would expect the Yankees to be all in. Stanton going that way since he is signed seems to make sense with a few prospects. The New York pressure has got to Stanton and he is likely on his way out. 



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No way the Twins will or should trade for Soto.  With an already announced payroll reduction for next year it makes no sense.  Plus as of today, still no local TV package for next year.  It's not feasible.  Plus it just isn't going to happen.

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