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  1. Can we be done with Rocco after this season? I can't imagine a worse in-game manager with the bizarre shifts and horrible pitching moves.
  2. Are you ****ing kidding me? Walks three straight batters to start the inning.....that's pathetic.
  3. Did not expect to see the team bounce back like this. Very nice.
  4. Might have been a solo homerun if we hadn't gone with the 'leave the entire right side of the infield empty' shift for Adames.
  5. Bingo. Something extra satisfying about doing that much damage with two outs.
  6. It's a dumb mistake with no other runners on base. With a guy on third who'd likely tag up and score....it's unforgivable. Just downright stupid.
  7. Must have been because of the HOF ceremony. Game was scheduled for a 1:10 start....but the Xfinity guide had the pre-game show through 1:45.
  8. Kepler made up for yesterday. I bet Twins to win and over 8.5 runs in tonight's game. Looks good on both fronts. Yesterday's first game....I had no runs in the first inning. Pulled up on that fly that fell short right.
  9. Was that Correa who made a piss poor tag attempt on Frazier?
  10. Damn. Absolutely demolished it. Nice when your star players step up.
  11. What should we have expected? We did a whole lot of nothing to improve the team. Look at the Blue Jays.
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