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  1. The glaring omission, especially when you also include the contract is Nick Anderson.
  2. After an RBI single in the 5th inning of LAA’s 11-4 loss against the Houston Astros, Albert Pujols passed Alex Rodriguez for the second most RBI in Major League Baseball history with 2,087. He now trails only Hank Aaron who posted 2,297 career RBI Pujols is actually 3rd place. Babe Ruth is 2nd with 2214 RBI's. It seems Babe Ruth is turning into a myth, that might be his most impressive feat.
  3. My name is Justin and I was wondering how many MN Twins fans are located in Denver CO. I was hoping to get several watch parties at a local brewery/bar for games this year. If there is already a bar/brewery that caters to Twins fans we could do it there, otherwise I was going to start asking around. If anyone is interested, please let me know.
  4. Turn this around?? The Twins won 101 games. Our culture this past year was one of the best in baseball. I do think it is interesting that 5 out of the last 6 World Series Champs had at least 1 starting pitcher making a minimum of $20 million annually. I think this is a clear indicator that to truly win at the highest level you have to spend on high priced, high impact pitching. I don't necessarily think the Twins need to sign Cole, but I believe spending $36 million annually on Gerrit Cole is a much better investment than $20 million annually on Madison Bumgarner.
  5. I think the Twins are stashing money to sign a big-time pitcher (Wheeler/Bumgarner/etc). My guess is the Twins front office views Marwin Gonzalez starting the year at 1B as acceptable if they get a big ticket item as a pitcher. Gleeman and Bonnes pretty much nailed this one on their podcast.
  6. I also view everything under the lense of the Twins and I don't think Grandal would be worth that contract to the Twins even if we didn't have Garver. I think the Twins need to take all of their risk on upside pitching. The Twins have proven to be able to develop and find above league average hitting through both the minor league development and short term contracts to veterans.
  7. This is something that I have evolved on in the last few years. I do agree that you can't be afraid of the downside risk, but for me personally I think a team should take those risks on elite pitchers and not on position players. Obviously this is clouded by the recency bias of the Astros and Nationals success, but I do think position players are just more replaceable. My position could change in the next couple years, but it seems like pitchers are just much more important especially in the playoffs and thus are more worthy of the risk.
  8. My question with Grandal would be that he is 31 years old. How much longer is he going to be a catcher, if he isn't a catcher, is he really worth this contract? Very few catchers are able to stay at that position into there 30's.
  9. Corbin got 6 years for $140 million. AAV of $23.3 million.
  10. I completely understand the interest in John Gray, but I think it is highly unlikely that he gets traded and if he does it will include a consensus top 30 prospect imo. The proposed prospects in this column seem significantly underwhelming. I live in Denver and the Rockies seem to consistently overvalue there own players and rarely trade the guys who develop through there minor league system.
  11. I have seen multiple people reference a 5 year $90 million contract, to me this seems incredibly optimistic as a Twins fan. I will be shocked if his AAV is below $20 and I would expect it to be closer to $23 million. If you are skeptical of signing Wheeler for 5 years at $90 million you are realistically not even in the bidding for him imo.
  12. I would let Odorizzi, Perez and Gibson walk. I would attempt to resign Pineda to a 2 year deal, I would even sign him for more per year to not have to go 3 years. My guess is it would take something like 2 year/36 million. For next season I would be prepared to start Thorpe, but pair him with a right handed opener (Littell or even Dobniak). One of the things that I wish the Twins would have experimented with is the opener, it looks to be a pretty big weapon that isn't being properly used by hardly anyone other than Tampa Bay. I think MN could possibly have two rotation spots that use an opener next year, possibly Littell/Thorpe and Smeltzer/Dobnak.
  13. I appreciate the response. I am always curious in the variations between different lists. In reality those variations are a good thing as they are the opposite of group think.
  14. I find it strange that Keith Law lists Jordan Balazovic as the 3rd rated prospect in the Twins system and he isn't even in the Twins Daily top 20. I do realize that Twins Daily tends to keep older players as top prospects for a longer period of time than most national scouts. Just curious what some of the people who created the list think either they or Keith Law are valuing so differently in regards to this prospect. I also realize that every list will differ between authors, it just seems that this is far more extreme than most years.
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