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  1. That throw looked like it had some frustration behind it.
  2. Smeltzer just needs the pressure of carrying our rotation to perform.
  3. My biggest hope this week is that we can slow down some of the good vibes that the Guardians have lately. Hopefully the Dodgers do their part and we can take the series in Arizona to set up what should be a great series in Minneapolis.
  4. Miranda would be one of the prospects I'd be most okay moving. If you can get a decent reliever for him at the deadline I would make that move. His poor fielding means that he has to be a consistently good to great hitter and I don't know if I see that in his future.
  5. He's gone after this season but I would keep him. We won't be winning the World Series this year but the race for the division will be entertaining for the next few months.
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