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  1. Sano frustrates me. Watched him "K" three more times last night swinging "off" the ball. Three seasons ago both Sano and Buxton were struggling with swinging "through" the ball. Both were supposedly working on it. Buxton is a much better batter because of that work. Not Sano, who consistently initiates his swing by pulling his left shoulder "off" the ball. Hence, Slider, Slider, Slider....your out. Couple of games ago Sano swings "through" the ball and is rewarded with three HR's. If Sano can't consistently swing "through" the ball, IN GAMES, he doesn't deserve to play at this level.
  2. Look, I call baseball, "tough guy chess", for a reason. Baseball ain't "woke". If you don't like the way the game is played by men like Duffey, follow soccer.
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