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  1. Cavaco was not a great pick, regardless where he was snagged, 1st round or 40th round. Look at it this way, if the kid was picked, let’s say 10th round, would everyone be thinking that all of the sudden he’s going to show something he hasn’t shown already? There are serious fundamentals missing from his game, both offensively and defensively. He has a big problem hitting the baseball. He was drafted and touted as a power bat - he has shown none of that. He had 24 errors on defense, and he missed a bunch of games due to concussion and whatever else he missed for at the end of the season. His errors likely would have been around 30 without those missed games. He is not a great baseball player, expecting him to suddenly be one is a bad bet. If he can’t field, can’t hit, and apparently can’t keep himself on the active list for a reasonably short season - he is a bust. Not just because of the stats, but because this is not what a first round pick looks like, whether he’s a HS guy or college. Give me a break, someone really screwed this pick up. Where the hell is he even playing this off season?
  2. Will Cavaco have another year at Low A or will they push him to high A to see if he can rise to the occasion? Wasted pick.
  3. Not picking a fight here, so I will just say that the only person who has stated how great Low A baseball is on here is you, claiming that it’s “NCAA tournament on Uber steroids.”I think that is pretty funny. Cavaco 2019 (short season) 40% K rate, 2021 38% K rate. An .864 fielding percentage. This is indicative of a player playing way over their heads. Not his fault, if some idiot wanted to throw $4M at me to sign, I’d do it too…but this kid is a swing and miss expert, not a potential major leaguer.
  4. When was the last time you physically watched a Low A game in person? You seem to be fantasizing that this level of minor league baseball is somehow incredible. It’s not. To say that a guy who wasn’t even committed to a P5 program but now plays Low A ball is somehow suddenly in a different stratosphere than a typical college player is a stretch…if everyone who is playing minor league ball is so much better than a college player, then why draft any college players? By the same token, every guy drafted should tear it up…I don’t agree with you at all here.
  5. To me, I equate Low A ball to D1 college baseball. It’s not like guys in low A are facing major leaguers. They facing guys who are at the same level as they are, some older and more experienced, but they are still playing low A. Pitchers with amazing stuff don’t stay in Low A, they get promoted quickly. He isn’t as good as they thought he was.
  6. K rate is a big problem for Cavaco. I know people will say the sample size is small, but it is what it is. He hasn’t been able to make the adjustment from high school ball to the low A level. If his fielding was dynamite you might give him a little bit of a pass, but the kid is a sub par fielder (.895) for a guy who was lauded as having elite tools. He was supposed to be a power bat, where the heck do they see this, the guy does not hit for power per his numbers. Athletic, yes. But if a player cannot catch, throw, or hit the ball that speed and athleticism doesn’t mean much.
  7. How many position players picked in the first round haven’t been promoted? He has played more innings of baseball for the Twins than they ever saw him play in high school, so I would say his body of work as a pro is more representative of the baseball player he is than the little but they saw before drafting him. They wasted a pick on an unproven/unknown high school player over taking a proven college player or a high profile high school prospect. I don’t need to see any more to know this is not going to work itself out with more reps. Horrible fielder, doesn’t hit for power…how does that stack up against what they were saying about him when they drafted him?
  8. Another week with Cavaco in the lowlights section with FT Myers…your assessment of his projectability is not being matched by any performance factor he has shown. BUST!
  9. Ok, just wondering why nobody is being critical of Keoni Cavaco and his less than acceptable performance this season in Ft Myers? A .240 average, kid has not shown any ability to hit for power, strike outs are crazy high, fielding is terrible (sub .900 fielding percentage - 20 errors). Why are people so apologetic for this kind of performance when he was out #1 pick in 2019 and still can’t get promoted from Low A ball?
  10. 2019 first round pick hasn’t played in 4-5 games and you guys haven’t even addressed what the situation is. what is going on in Ft Myers with Cavaco not playing?
  11. Like Jkcarew, I agree Cavaco was a waste of a 1st round pick. I probably wouldn’t have taken him until later. Not sure if they thought they had to pull the trigger early to get him, but it’s not like he was a polished high school player in any position. Athleticism, speed are abundant. But his hit took was problematic throughout high school. I know people can turn things around, but his ceiling to me is much lower than what is being projected.
  12. Yes, Cavaco is already a bust and will show that to a greater degree this year. What a waste of a pick...he likely can’t even be packaged to be traded for an arm that we need. Great job, FO!
  13. A guy batting .172 in rookie ball who was the #13 overall pick better be working on more than just “Elements of his swing...”
  14. Well, maybe someone needs to be concerned about who/how they are projecting these HS prospects that they seem to be taking so high in the first round? Lewis was a 1st round prospect out of HS, but maybe not #1 pick material. Fast forward two years and the Twins management again over reach, this time by a long shot, on Cavaco. If you think the organization needs to be worried about Lewis’ swing, Cavaco should make them lose sleep at night. Kid is a disaster, can’t even hit his body weight in Rookie ball. That strike out % isn’t going to change because he is a pure pull hitter who is trying to lift everything over the LF wall, ton of head movement and he is worse at hitting a breaking pitch than Lewis. Your SS prospects taken in the first round are a little suspect, but at least Lewis may be able to hang. Cavaco will be a bust and never get past low A. Lewis was more prepared for pro ball than Cavaco, who played poor competition in HS...Lewis will advance much further.
  15. My question would be “why did the local MLB team, who clearly had the ability to scout this kid 7 days a week, pass on him when they snagged another SS with the #6 pick? Because the kid they drafted can actually hit. Cavaco played his HS ball in a notoriously weak league in San Diego, and never played in the more highly competitive club events. When he did play in Jupiter, it wasn’t a good showing. So much emphasis on tools, not enough emphasis on the fact that he really isn’t a gamer, he’s a showcase player. Big difference. Compare how the other HS 1st rd picks performed in their rookie season, and it’s clear to see that MLB for some reason drank the Kool Aid on this kid, and the Twins got stuck with the tab!
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