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  1. Seeing Perez on this list twice is a reminder of how truly dominant that cutter his first couple starts of the year. Also a reminder of how quickly hitters figured it out and how he finished on the downward slope he did.
  2. Astudillo is going to be sent down to Rochester Saturday, per Dan Hayes https://twitter.com/DanHayesMLB/status/1137197691329503233 Per Hayes again, it sounds as though as reliever will be coming up. Rochester had a double-header Friday with essentially a bullpen game in the second game. Here's a look at the 40-man guys recently: Hildy: Earned a 6 pitch save Friday, given up at least one run in 5/8 outings at Rochester, 8.38 ERA Moya: Threw 32 pitches Friday, 8.44 ERA in 16 outings Romero: Threw 33 pitches Friday, 5.70 ERA in 13 outings Vasquez: Currently on the 7-day IL retroactive to June 4th, 6.14 ERA in 8 outings Littel: Threw 37 pitches Friday, 3.97 ERA in 10 outings Stewart: Threw 95 pitches Friday, 4.11 ERA in 10 outings Thorpe: Last pitched Wednesday, 5.95 ERA in 11 outings Smeltzer: Sent down Friday and therefore ineligible to come back up Gonsalves: On IL, only pitched 2 innings this year For the life of me I don't see any reliever worthy of returning/coming to the major league club, if i had to make my best guess it would be Littel due to a shortened "primary" outing Friday but he showed himself largely ineffective in relief earlier this season. Hayes doesn't make a report of Astudillo being DFA'd so the reliever coming up would have to be from this bunch. It's possible an arm is called up just to eat some innings for a day and then return to Rochester after Saturday or Sunday, that would seem like the most likely scenario.
  3. Preach, i'm all for seeking for improvement and striving to be better but those that hate on Harper Magill and the other lesser known guys in the Twins 'pen aren't looking at the stats and the game situations and just going on "do i know their name." This bullpen won't confuse anyone for the yankees of a couple years ago, but it's been a solid and serviceable group so far (minus Adams' dud today in the 9th)
  4. Such an inspiring story, stories like Devin and other athletes that come back from life threatening conditions are part of the reason sports are so much more than a simple game. Simply coming back and playing baseball again is remarkable in it of itself, but when he inevitably reaches the majors, how can you not be inspired by a story like his.
  5. Harper has passed almost every test put in front of him so far. I agree that I wouldn't trust him much but I also haven't seen him pitch himself out of the role. The Bullpen has been lights out (minus Hildy) the past couple of weeks. Until they prove themselves otherwise, the stats speak for themselves in that those four have been solid major league relievers. All four of them have ERA+ of above 200 (Duffey with a small sample size and Magill with 197) and ERA's in the low 2s.
  6. Yes, the twins selected Dusten Knight last year in this portion, although he was later released, he was in the organization with no restrictions
  7. That Rule 5 crunch should definitely rush the development of Graterol, can't risk letting him go this November. With how well he's been pitching should be moved up to Rochester soon to give him a taste of higher competition.
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