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What's Happening With Luis Arraez This Offseason?


Tom Froemming
Luis Arraez has been floated out as a possible trade candidate for the Minnesota Twins this offseason. What's his trade value looking like? The Twins are in desperate need of pitching, but would dealing away Arraez even be worth it? Or are they better off trading another player or shopping on the free agent market.

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Let Arraezbe the primary  DH. and fill in in the field in emergencies. Do not trade him. He is an exciting, special  hitter.  A team does not have to have a power hitter at DH. A team just needs a "hitter". Arraez is certainly that. He would be an awesome DH with 4 more years of affordable team control. He also would be a super PH in critical situations late in games when a runner is needed to get on base, or a runner needs to be advanced or a runner is on 2B or 3B and needs to score.  He also would bring energy with his at bats, which can turn the tide in the late innings of close games. Let Arraez bat behind Buxton and watch the show.  Buck on 1B and Arraez at bat would be a pitcher's nightmare. 

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I'd use him as a DH, pinch hitter, and as a spot infielder at 2B and 3B, and I would bat him quite early in the batting order, often as the lead off hitter to help chew up pitch count and to get on base for Polanco and others.  I doubt any pitcher gotten back for him from a trade would be worth as much.

Plus, sometimes you just need to keep fan favorites.

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