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Tom Froemming
We're officially in the MLB offseason (congrats Rangers, btw). Here is a discussion on the current state of the Minnesota Twins 40-man roster and some decisions facing the front office. It's a good situation to be in, but it appears the Twins are in a bit of a roster crunch.

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Hey Tom, great video.   It's nice to have this laid out for us fans.   What do you think the chances of Jeffers trade?  I am not saying it should or shouldn't happen.  That being said here are the moves I would make...


Gray 2 yr 36 mil with 1 yr option. 




(Would love to add Montgomery but won't happen)


1b: Kirilloff/Severino

2b: Julien

3B: Lewis

SS: Correa 

LF: Waller/Castro

CF: Buxton/Martin


C: Vasquez/Carimargo

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I would add Erod / Martin / Severino and Camargo leaving two open spots.  Gordon gets traded or non-tendered cut making three available spots and if necessary, we can DFA Henriquez.  I also would bet Polanco gets traded.  That would make 8-9 spots available. 

I don't see many additions.  One front of the rotation SP, a back-up CFer, and possibly a RH bat.  EVen if they also added a BP arm, they could add as many as 5 prospects to the 40-man if they trade Gordon and Polanco and DFA Henriguez.    IDK if there will be 5 but Camargo should be on for sure.  I am giving him a generous Milb deal to have catching depth.  

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