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The Twins Need to Pry Corbin Burnes from Milwaukee


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Nash Walker

The winner of the 2021 National League Cy Young Award and a three time All-Star, Corbin Burnes is entering his final year of arbitration with the Milwaukee Brewers. Twins fans have yearned for a Burnes trade in the past, but now is undoubtedly the best and most likely time to push hard for the talented right-hander.


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I like Polanco to the Brewers for 2B help they need. They probably don’t want to spend $10.5M during a rebuild…..theoretically they are going to trade some pieces & rebuild in ‘24. They want guys that can help them going forward and with some control. I think we try to include Polanco as part of our package & let Milwaukee move him for prospects with another contender.

Inexpensive alternative to Polanco, with some upside, is Nick Gordon. He obviously brings some flexibility to use in OF as well as at 2B.

Burnes would be nice. However, he’s almost certainly a one & done rental though…….so I’d move off him and target Devin Williams. He’s under 2 years of control and he’s dominant in 8th or 9th inning. Also, he’s only about $6.25M this year…….this allows Varland to move back to 5th starter & a guy that can come up & down if needed from AAA with options.

Polanco - Gordon - Festa - Rodriguez ……..Brewers will want top line prospects for one of the best relievers in the game!

We take another $12.5M and sign Severino as a FA from Yankees…….that’s less than $19M to payroll to make our Staff elite. Severino is a health risk but has ACE stuff when right. Worth a shot.

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