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Peralta, not Burnes, is the Starter the Twins Should Target from Milwaukee


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Nash Walker
Corbin Burnes is earning understandable buzz as a trade target this offseason. While Burnes is fantastic, his Brewers counterpart Freddy Peralta may be the better get. Peralta, 27, is under contract through 2026 and is one of the best starting pitchers plenty of fans have never heard of.

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In another Forum Article I mentioned going after Burnes or Devin Williams.

Burnes allure is obvious - only for a year though. Williams is controlled for 2 years. I really didn’t think Peralta would be available with 3 years of control left with Brewers. If we could do that - fantastic - I can’t begin to assume I know what the expectation might be for a Peralta.

I like Williams because he’s generally been durable - he’s a fantastic 8th or 9th inning guy! His 2 years of control & only $6M range salary makes him very attractive.

Festa - Gordon - Rodriguez - Winder……..all for Devin Williams………frankly, other than Raya - Lee - Jenkins everyone not on 26 man is up for consideration!

This allows us to move Varland back to the 5th starting spot. We could go sign Severino for $12.5M as a FA depth piece that has real potential, with risk, but ACE stuff.

If they move Polanco, & satisfy guys in arbitration (i.e. Farmer, Castro, etc.) the current spend is around $114M…………getting Williams & Severino takes us to elite staff status. Total budget at an acceptable $132M.

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Would LOVE Peralta but the cost may be prohibitive. Not sure what they would want but it would be a ton! 

More likely we will find a couple rehab pitchers to fit into the 5th spot and continue to grow our minor league starters to fine one. Festa is fairly close... hopefully he hits the weights in the offseason a bit as he needs about 25 lbs... 

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Unless Milwaukee and completely tearing it down and fire sale Peralta is unavailable or would have to grossly overpay.  

Corbin Burnes is the guy from Milwaukee  only has 1 year left at a much bigger salary price.  Brewers maybe a little more eager to sell.  

Could see a move similar to the Arreaz trade where we give up Eddie Julien and get Burnes and a prospect back in return. 

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