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José Berríos Extension Reaction


Tom Froemming
José Berríos signed an extension with the Toronto Blue Jays today. It's a seven-year, $131 million deal. Here's my reaction to that signing from the perspective as a Minnesota Twins fan and some discussion around how this organization is operating.

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I agree Tom. I am so frustrated that I am considering not going to Spring Training and not renewing mlb/tv. and simply going on strike against the Twins. My frustration is that from the time the Twins signed Buck/Berrios/Rosario/Hendricks, etc.,, we have been watching their every move in the minors and majors, pulling for them, cheering for them, reading about them, speaking to them in Spring Training, whatever we fans do...only to have them be released or traded or whatever. This is not working for me and I've pulled for this same "Senators-Twins" franchise for 67 years. TD and MLB.com and the ability to afford to go to spring training each March  and to afford trips to Minneapolis have caused me to become more emotionally invested in being a fan of the Twins than ever before.  And I am very frustrated right now. Why am I wasting my time typing this right now. I truly do not know. However I do know this is not healthy. I believe it is time for some space. between the Twins and me. Right now I have had it.  That 7 year Berrios extension with our competition, the Blue Jays,  has been the straw that has broken my back.

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