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From Lee to Limestone: The Quote Misconstrued Around the World


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Matthew Lenz

Recently, Byron Buxton said he was trying to play 100 games which people took as him being on a games limit. Putting opinions aside, his game played don't align with that interpretation and it wouldn't make sense for the Twins to play him more in April & May than in August & September. Do you agree?


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Of course it's always possible that all the games Buxton misses or sits because he may get hurt may cost the teams needed wins.  Wins that could have vaulted them into the playoffs.  Then if team is out of contention those games in September won't mean much.  There is no guarantee they will make the playoffs without Buxton in the lineup regularly.  When he plays the Twins have a much better chance of winning.  However, this manager and FO only seems concerned about their "plan" not winning.  At the major league level the only real important bottom line is winning as many games as possible. 

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