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  1. I feel as though some people here forget that just because Duran might start in the BP this year doesn't mean he will stay there for his career. There are a lot of pitchers these days who start off in the BP for the innings and to be with the MLB coaches and then transition back to full time starters after a year or two. Even for the Twins, I can think of a couple guys in the early and mid 00's that had pretty good careers as starters who made debuts in the BP.
  2. Dropping Maggi after not giving him an at-bat is just a kick in the teeth. Though I believe in the kid and think he will have a place on a roster somewhere next year, would have been right for the Twins to reward the kid a little for the years and time he has given this organization, especially in a lost year like 2021. Best of luck to him.
  3. And yet you are willing to write them both off as nothing more than 4th OF's after 360 total PA when neither of them played for 18 months. so you are literally doing the same thing only in reverse. blind faith is bad, correct. but so is blindly cynical about everything this team does and every player on it.
  4. I have been asking this question constantly! I just don't get it. Arraez is your best OBP guy by a long shot and you are hitting him 4-6 every game. Makes zero sense
  5. We agreed we wouldn't talk about that! I want to speak to the Manager.
  6. you can judge nothing based on the stated $70M figure that the article states. because you don't know the length. what is the difference between 1/25 or 4/100? 70M looks better or worse depending on the length. can we please stop assuming the FO is going to screw this up and just let it play out until we have more information? all that is happening now is the fan base is getting riled up based on 1/3 of the information. all we have is a figure. we don't know what Buxton's camp asked for or expects, nor do we know if this really is a final offer. everything above the 70M number is pure speculation.
  7. I would bet that it is more along a 4/70 or 5/70. fully guaranteed with at least 2 years of options plus incentives. lots and lots of incentives. Bux could get $15M+ on the open market for 100 games a year easily,
  8. I ummmmmm.... I have no words for this.... got nothing..... wow....
  9. That was brilliant!! poor decision by the 1B. All he had to do was step on the bag.
  10. Probably more to do with the belly flop he did. His plate appearances fell more like he is trying to do too much. whether he is trying to hard to pull the ball or take it the other way, swinging for the fences, or just over thinking his swing. His problem there is more likely between the ears than anything. Maybe this time off will help him get out of his own head and come back more the hitter he was before he got hurt last year.
  11. Looks like Rooker to the IL with a cervical strain. LHP Waddell called up. No corresponding 40-man move as of yet as Waddell wasn't on the 40 to begin the season. Seems that Rooker just can't catch a break. I have high hopes for him, but he needs to get healthy and get some work in across the river.
  12. This is why places that have no state income tax are always attractive to athletes. Even if the team they are playing for is not always the best. playing 81 games a year in a tax free state means there is a lot of extra money in a contract. 2/20 in Minnesota doesn't pay as well as a 2/20 in Florida.
  13. Because Sano's visa was done long before camp started because he HAD a contract. therefore, the process can be started earlier to ensure that there are no issues. In the case of Simmons, he didn't have a contract and therefore no employer until Jan 31. which means that the paperwork couldn't be started until Feb 1. You forget that the visa process is still a bureaucratic mess and multiple people and agencies have to touch it before it gets approved. MLB players don't get special treatment. they are thrown in the stack with everyone else. first come first serve. To insinuate that a visa issue says anything about a players willingness or devotion to the team that they are playing for is nonsense. Especially with zero proof that it is anything more than a typical delay due to timelines and process.
  14. I love this kid and what he can do and I really do think he will be a cornerstone in the middle with Polanco, and a top of the order guy for a long time. But one thing bugs me. For a long time the Twins had a high OBP low power 1B and a low OBP high power 2B and people on this site ripped them both, but now we are talking about a High OBP, low power 2B and a lower OBP, high power 1B with Arreaz and Cron... whats the difference? other than the contract? And again, this is not a knock on the current guys, but all that has happened is we swapped the two positions.
  15. I have to agree on this one. There are a lot of pitchers that have soreness in the elbow right out of the gate, for most it is just getting back into the rhythm of throwing again. To look at Zumaya and say that his season is over, strictly on the idea that, he is "injury prone" and has had serious elbow problems is jumping the gun a bit. He felt a little pain, and the trainers didnt want to risk him doing more damage so they shut him down for the day and are getting an MRI just to make sure. By all accounts he wasnt writhing in pain like when he broke his elbow, he just stopped throwing and called over the trainer. If anything I see this as a good thing for Joel, he knows when he is having a problem and is man enough to say "ok, that hurt. lets make sure its nothing serious." And a kudos to Terry Ryan for not letting things get out of control and being honest with the fan base.
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