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  1. Looks that way, doesn't it? We are clearly built for a bright overall future, but Cruz and Donaldson are at the tail end of their careers likely and will provide a big push for the middle of our lineup. If the Twinkies can get to July with a good record, it's time to deplete the farm system for the right arms.
  2. Man, for the first time in my fandom, I feel like I don't have any answers for where we are going or what we need to do to get headed in the right direction? Such an odd season, that ended with some solid baseball by a bunch of no-name type of guys. In 2 or less sentences, what do we need to do to get back in the right direction? GO TWINKIES!!!!! HOPE ALL OF YOU ARE DOING WELL, ESPECIALLY MY BYTO'ers.
  3. I said this about 5 years ago, you can look it up. We should always be employing RHP at Target Field. It’s a RHH Park.
  4. Thank goodness. Would’ve you guys preferred Lynn over Cobb?
  5. Don’t sign anyone. Go get Archer. Sano, etc for him. Get it done.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=araU0fZj6oQ And good god almighty it feels great to be back! I really think the tables are turned from the prior Yankee/Twins playoff games. They are now the team tossing the young bucks and we have a veteran at the helm. Throw out the stats, it's playoff baseball baby! GO TWINS
  7. It's just unfortunate those are the 2 guys we had to go to.. The Starter and the 1st reliever that game. YUCK.
  8. Is StatFreak truly still alive? We haven't heard from Dankind yet?!? Also, can I please have the screen shot of itstimetotakeit?
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