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  1. We got Trevor Megill? Now we can consider this a successful off-season.
  2. This is awesome - thanks Seth. That's not a picture taken of a lady of 106 years. Was it taken during the Twins' World Series runs some 30 years ago?
  3. The country is split in half politically and my unscientific analysis sees this comment section at about the same ratio. Rocco says this was a unanimous decision by a showing of hands. I question whether all locker rooms are this liberal or do some feel bullied or coerced into voting with the crowd. Would a private vote have had the same result?
  4. Dave Goltz - pretty good pitcher on some not so good teams.
  5. In hindsight, did it make sense for the Twins to trade their best bullpen arm, Ryan Pressly, for the 8th best pitching prospect in Jorge Alcala?
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